Why Get Your Concrete Floors Acid Stained?

Why Get Your Concrete Floors Acid Stained?

After talking about how to make your kids bedroom look just wow, I have come up with something nicer… Acid Stained Floors!

Do you think that your concrete floors are the ugliest thing you could have? Are you already upset with those torn, dust-filled carpets? Get your floors stained – acid stained. The application that results in beautiful patterns by combining colors is being loved by all these days. Many home owners, builders as well as interior designers in the US are choosing them for creating awesome effects. The floors actually glamourize the entire home.

How the floors are acid stained?

The process is started with cleaning concrete beds thoroughly and removing baseboards and trim work. The walls are masked with at least 12 inches masking paper to prevent from getting damaged. Next, the acid stains are mixed – they are usually the blend of hydrochloric acid, water and acid-soluble metallic salts. When sprayed on the concrete floors, the mixture penetrates into the surface and reacts chemically with the hydrated lime present in the concrete floor giving rise to unique color patterns. The different mixes create stains that vary in intensity, which further results in color variations including an array of subtle earth tones.

After the stains are neutralized and cleaned, the floors are sealed with solid acrylic sprays to prevent air bubbling or damage. Multiple coats of sealers are applied to the floors and they come out shining like anything.

However the question in focus is: Why Acid stained floors?

For so many benefits that no other conventional floors offer:

The acid stained floors are durable. Concrete floors last longer and once it is stained, it is permanent. It won’t fade, chip off or peel away like wooden or tiled floors.

They are very easy to maintain. Regular wiping and periodical waxing (a few time in a year) is more than enough. Any spills can be wiped off immediately without trouble.

Carpeted floors may trap in a lot of mites, allergens, pollens, and dust etc whereas stained floors do not allow any space for them. The floors are sealed with solid acrylic sprays to prevent air bubbling.

They, over long run, prove to be cost effective in contrast to other types of floors. They may get you to spend a little more money initially but because they do not ask for much maintenance, the acid stained floors let you save on money that you may otherwise be spending on getting carpets dry cleaned every now and then.

They, although, appear to be ‘cold’, are good at passive solar heating. Concrete floors absorb enough sunlight to keep the place warm.

The acid stained floors are environment friendly too! Yes they are. Since they do not emit volatile organic compounds unlike some synthetic floors do. In fact, they need not to be replaced even after many years.

The best of the facts: Stained floors are, if done right, GIVE UNIQUE DEPTH OF COLOR to floors that can’t be made available in other types of floors or by using any other type of application. The acid-base chemical stains penetrate into concrete and react with hydrated lime to create unique patterns.

So, call now the decorative concrete professionals and get acid stained concrete floors. They are indeed a good idea of making your place simply sensational. Keep a pot plant or two at the entrance way and there you go making an everlasting impression on everyone around.

Author Bio: Ruby Tyagi is a freelance Guest Blogger. She holds an experience of many years in field of Content Development. She consistently writes for various topics including home decor and improvement; good housekeeping; environmental aid; home and garden and health and lifestyle topics on behalf of Blooming that offers a variety of green things including artificial hanging baskets and Genite that offers a wide range of home, office, education or business items such as magazine rack.

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