What NOT to put down the drain

What NOT to put down the drain

The plug hole is not an alternate bin. Whilst in the USA they have food grinders that will break items down into smaller pieces, these still put the scraps into a garbage disposal system, not the sewage systems our sinks do in the UK.

After years of abuse, a sink will slowly become less effective at draining. If this is the situation you find yourself in, you may require the assistance of a professional drain unblocking service. To prevent this, avoid the following going down the plug hole.

No Go’s for the Drain

Fat / Oil from your cooking. This list can include lard, cooking oil, sauces, juices from cooked meats. They can all solidify when they cool and cause a blockage later on.

  •  Pour into a old container then throw away.
  •  Leave to go hard and then scrape the scraps into the rubbish. Some people freeze it so they know for sure it won’t make a mess in their bin. Some even put it into an unwanted dish and add seeds, then when it’s set, give it to the birds.


  • Washing paint brushes is different to washing down left over paint. If it’s an oil based paint there will be a specific way to get rid, so check with your local council. Depending on how much is left, perhaps in the roller tray, leave it to set and then put the solid paint pieces in the bin.


  • Although medicines / tablets will often dissolve in water, the chemical make up of the tablets can affect the water supply. If you and your neighbourhood are doing it, that will be magnifying the amount of chemicals in the water system.


  •  Sometimes we can’t help it, but hair going down the drain can cause a notty web that will hold up bigger items that thereafter make their way down the drain. Hair gathering around the plug hole should go in the bin.

Food Scraps

When draining off the pasta or rice, it’s not uncommon for a few bits to fall out. Instinct says to wash it down the drain, but these and other food scraps can bloat and swell when added with water down the drain. Instead, perhaps get a plug hole strainer / catcher. This will mean peas or sweetcorn can’t go down by accident.

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