Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding

Erie Construction Mid West knows that, as a homeowner, the exterior wall material you choose has a major effect on the appearance of your home. How would you like to have the look of freshly painted lumber on the side of your home – for a fraction of the cost of real lumber – with a look that will last a lifetime with little or no maintenance? Believe it or not, you have just chosen vinyl siding!

Erie Construction Mid West’s Vinyl siding is the choice of many homeowners across the country, not only because of low maintenance but also the added insulation it provides, especially on older homes that lack adequate insulation. Most siding contractors install foam insulation under the siding or use siding that already has the insulating foam fused to it. This can result in an R-value 450% greater than conventional insulation, and an energy savings of up to 30%.

Vinyl siding will simply not rot, tarnish, bleach, crack or peel. Even if you have a brick home, you probably have some elements of wood that require repainting every few years. Replace those wood elements with vinyl siding, and throw your paintbrush away!

Low maintenance, true beauty, substantial energy savings – vinyl siding has it all. Contact Erie Construction Mid West today for the name of a reliable and proven siding contractor in your area. We believe in this product, and you will too!

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