Vacation-Proof Your Home

Vacation-Proof Your Home

There are plenty of tips and hints around for keeping your home secure whilst you are on vacation and your property will be empty, but there’s no better security measure than a house sitter in our eyes.

Having someone at your home whom can spot leaking taps, soggy ceilings and frozen pipes whilst you’re away, before they turn in to a nightmare expense, is much more valuable than any state of the art intruder alarm.

The dangers of a vacant property

House Sitters don’t come cheap though, as many charge a weekly, daily, or even hourly rate. However, hiring a house sitter isn’t the only way to have someone watch over your home whilst you relax in Paris or Rome. Of course there are always the neighbours who can pop in to water the plants and feed the goldfish, but not everyone is comfortable letting their neighbours loose on their property. Many professionals whom own luxury homes and apartments choose to take part in a Home Swap or property exchange.

What is a Home Swap?

A home swap allows selected home owners from a worldwide luxury property list to trade places for a week or two. This alleviates the need for expensive accommodation in a hotel and offers a much more personalised vacation experience. As the home swap usually takes place simultaneously, whilst you enjoy your vacation away you will be safe in the knowledge that someone you can trust is staying at your home watching over things.  You’ll be able to trust someone to stay if you first meet them online through a professional home swapping website which will allow a formal agreement to be drawn up and signed prior to the swap.

Guest Proofing

Even though your home will be in safe hands with your fellow home swappers, you may still like to “Guest Proof” your home by making sure nothing breakable is left precariously balanced, and ensure carpets have been stain proofed just in case the red wine makes it out of the bottle and on to the floor. Imagine visiting a home swap Paris offers, to find fine art around the apartment meaning you’re too scared to walk past in case you knock it over. Put yourself in your guests’ shoes for a moment when preparing your house for the swap and you’ll be able to spot things that perhaps need protecting or clearing out of the way to make the swap comfortable for everyone.  If you are concerned about wear and tear, it’s always advisable to take a photograph of the rooms in your home before the swap – this will help if you feel something looks a little different on your return.

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    Comment by Tiffany @ Richardsons Holiday Villages: Apr 26, 2012 at 12:56 AM

    Yes, it’s really important to “vacation-proof” your home. What we usually do is to ask a relative to stay at our home while we’re away. Just leave them some supplies like food. :)

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