Using Blackboards to add Style to Your Home

Using Blackboards to add Style to Your Home

We all know that the purse strings are getting tighter, and as our bills rise there’s often sacrifices to be made which often means that we have to put off buying that table lamp or hold off on some work to our homes to juggle the vital bills. But there is one economical way to update your home, it’s creative, quirky and will add a little bit of spark to any corner, you may not have thought about it before but blackboards can be a perfect solution to updating your home.

You may more commonly associate blackboards with a classroom but they really are a rising trend and can be styled to suit your home. Finding decorations and accessories for your home can often be difficult as everyone has different tastes and preferences but they are vital to the personalisation of your home – it makes your home yours. There are a number of ways people personalise their homes, many have photos of favourite trips or memories and others like to have flowers or buy artwork for their blank walls. This can get costly however so with a little bit of creativeness a blackboard is a perfect solution to a bare wall. They come in a wide range of colours and sizes which means that you can find one which fits perfectly into the colour scheme of your room and if not the frame can always be painted – a blackboard is all about creativity and imagination. And the best part is that if you get bored of seeing what is on there you can just wipe them clean and start all over again.

A blackboard can really reflect the personality of you, your home and those who live in it. Perhaps you have small children who will like nothing better than spending a rainy afternoon drawing on the blackboard, and they’ll love the fact that their artwork is hung up on the wall for everyone to see. It may not be Van Gogh but that will be precisely why you like it so much!

Blackboards are versatile little wall hangings meaning that they can be used for a variety of things. They have a ‘vintage’ sort of feel and can be used to great effect in a kitchen as well as other areas of the home. Rather than using them instead of a piece of artwork they can be very practical. For instance, rather than having a calendar hanging up on your wall why not create your own on a blackboard, an excellent way to keep you on the ball with what you’re doing on a weekly basis and it can also be quite fun to record your plans in this way.

The other way to use them in the kitchen is to design a menu of the week which is great for two reasons, it will make your life much easier when writing your shopping list before the weekly shop and secondly it gets everyone in the house involved in the food – especially useful if you have fussy eaters for children.

There’s a whole host of ways you can add an extra little sparkle to your home with a blackboard, you may not have thought of it before but dig into your creative side and just see what you can make.


Bio: Rebecca Field is writing on behalf of Moores Message Boards, a UK based company supplying and distributing message boards across the country. They have a wide range of blackboards, whiteboards and cork pin notice boards to choose from if you’re thinking about doing something a little bit different in your home.

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    Comment by Alex: Jul 7, 2012 at 2:51 AM

    Oh yeah, I saw a blackboard being used as an interior design in one of my favorite home makeover tv shows. They actually placed the board in their kitchen to serve as menu board. They also add a very nice stand to compliment with their design well. I am a teacher so I really don’t mind having such artistic design that reflects my profession so well. Don’t you think it is also ideal for my kids’ bedroom?

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