Upgrade Your Backyard Playground

Upgrade Your Backyard Playground

Now that you have two young rascals running around the house, having a great playground set for them to use in the backyard sounds like a wonderful idea. There are many ways to go about improving the simple swing set you already have. Consider some of the options available for parents looking to revamp their children’s outdoor play area.

Playground Kits

The first obvious option is a full-on playground kit. A set traditionally includes makings for a slide, swings, and a small jungle gym. These come in a variety of ready-to-build combinations that include detailed instructions for construction. Or, if you are feeling extra motivated, you could try your hand at gathering materials and building your very own playground from scratch. If you choose to go this route, please be sure to understand the safety measure guidelines to meet for such a project.

Your playground can be customized even if you opt for a pre-packaged set that includes the necessary supplies i.e., wood panels, bolts, plastic footholds. Do not necessarily limit yourself to a single pre-designed set for its convenience alone though; bear in mind that creative control rests in your hands while completing this project. Perusing a variety of swing set accessory options in depth will allow you to choose the best upgrades for your playground.


Building a sandbox for your children is a time-tested, no-frills possibility that will afford them countless hours of entertainment. It brings your little ones to the sandy beach without getting them wet, and turns out to be a rather straightforward construction process too. Sizing up a good spot in the yard is the first vital step; find a section that includes some shade from the sun. Not much land is needed to make a sandbox of ample size – somewhere around an eight-foot by eight-foot frame. That being said, experiment with the shape of the sandbox if you like. Rather than constructing a perfect square, perhaps you want your kids to romp around in a fun shaped box like a car or fire engine.

Once you formulate an idea, talk to an employee at a local hardware store to discern what combination of supplies will match the goals you have for your sandbox. Don’t forget to pickup shovels and pails for the kids while you are there!

Climbing Accessories

Climbing walls are a great option for slightly older children that you trust to play safely. This addition to the playground is exciting when set up near swings and slides – they feel like it is a real adventure up the wall! Setting up a series of plastic footholds with a thick rope to grab on to is an excellent, safe combination of materials. A swing set accessory closely related to the climbing wall is a playground boulder. The natural aesthetic of the big rock is often really fun for kids – believing they are actually scurrying up the top of a mountainside. Buying a boulder requires little construction and they are available in various sizes. Although boulders come with a number of grips conveniently fixed on for children’s hands and feet, avoid having your really young children on this playground toy.


swing sets accessories come in all shapes, colors and combinations. You, the parent, should look for the best fusion of fun and safety for your children. The aforementioned options are a few ways to take your backyard playground to new heights. Keeping the playground set safe is as simple as checking the bolts periodically and seeing that your kids are acting appropriately when elevated off the ground. With these tips in mind, good luck!


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    Comment by Emily: Jun 6, 2012 at 3:26 PM

    This article is perfect for those parents out there who wants to give their kids the perfect play ground.Nice tips,I appreciate you sharing this.

  2. two
    Comment by Ann @Party Dresses: Jun 13, 2012 at 2:49 PM

    I used to spend hours playing on a climbing frame that my Dad built for me when I was little. A playground in the backyard is a great way to get the kids away from video games.
    I am the type that thinks when it comes to playground simplest is best. Nothing beats a tree house of a tire swing. : )

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    Comment by Jeff Ellis: Jun 28, 2012 at 2:48 PM

    Great info on backyard playgrounds! Thanks for sharing.

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