Transitional Style is the new Retro!

Transitional Style is the new Retro!

Interior design trends appear to be going through a bit of a time-warp.  Retro is still in, but with a twist!  The 2011-2012 interior design indulgence is old ideas and designs made brand spanking new!  So if you want to keep up with design and stick with what’s hot, keep one style in mind:  Transitional.

Also known as “updated classic” this design will pull you in two very different but very exciting directions!  A wonderful mash up of old and new, Transitional designs can be achieved by a few simple measures and you don’t have to overhaul your whole house to achieve a hot trend – utilize some gorgeous little household items to create your eclectic mix of old and new!  It could literally be as simple as using a few neon accents (photo-frames, vases, sofa cushions) amongst very traditional wallpaper and furniture, or even try an old, tatty table (you could even go antiquing!) in an ultra-modern setting with a few old lamps or vintage photo-frames (complete with black and white/sepia photos, of course!) thrown in.

I must admit, I wasn’t keen on this idea at first.  I’m all about retro and vintage style and can’t say I was in love with my boyfriend’s space-age approach to his flat!  But when we moved in together, it was niggle after niggle over our 2 contrasting ideas when it came to home improvement!  He likes clean, white, un-fussy rooms whilst I am the polar opposite; how are 2 such different design ideas to coexist in one environment, I wondered – until day-time television came to my rescue!

The designer of the show had decided upon Transitional for a livingroom, and I had to admit defeat!  I loved the vintage-style wallpaper accented by modern-mirrored photo frames and neon-flowery sofa cushions!  Light-bulbs were popping all over my head, so I took my idea to the man of the house and proposed a compromise.  He agreed to give me free reign of the kitchen to utilise the skills I had briefly picked up from 30 minutes of watching Linda Barker – but that was all I needed!

I stuck with the “accents” idea and started out with plain, cream walls and jazzed them up a bit with vintage wallpaper border, which looked fantastic!  I then combined the “old and new” feel by investing in a SMEG fridge, as I do believe that a SMEG is so chic it provides a vintage AND modern look (that was my argument and I’m sticking to it!) whilst compromising further by getting it in a space-age silver!  I reinforced the Transitional feel with a 1950’s style toaster in shiny steel, and followed this vein until even my Kitchen Doors were a wacky little mix of old and new:  shabby-chic kitchen doors with sleek, metal handles!

It may just be the kitchen, but I’m just getting started!  Now both of our style preferences are fulfilled and the kitchen – if I do say so myself – looks fantastic and unlike anything I’ve seen so far!  Win-win!

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