Top DIY Tips For Improving The Value Of Your Home

Top DIY Tips For Improving The Value Of Your Home

As the current housing market is unstable it’s important that you give your home the best chance of being snapped up. There are a number of ways you can increase your house value and the wow factor to potential buyers. Improving your home doesn’t need to cost the earth, you can re-invent your home without remodeling.


The kitchen is seen as the most important room in the home to potential buyers so it’s vital that this room is focused on when looking to resell. Remodeling your kitchen will add value but it isn’t always possible to do with limited funds and time. If your kitchen cabinets look like they’ve seen better days think about refacing the cabinets. Getting new doors may become costly so repainting is a good way of updating the look. If you have old wood cabinets paint them white or stain a lighter shade which will instantly uplift the room. Change the handles and they will look like new cabinets.

Kitchen countertops are another area for improvement and there are a wide variety of materials on the market you can choose from. The most inexpensive is laminate and can be installed by yourself. Choose bold tiles to create a stylish display which will look like a high end design.

Install spotlights into the kitchen which will instantly uplift the room and give the illusion of extra space.


The key with the bathroom is to keep it fresh. To spruce up bathroom tiles incorporate wall tile stickers to make the tiles look new. Clean in between tiles to make the grouting look fresh. Include a mirror especially in smaller bathrooms which will reflect light and give the illusion of extra space. Fit the toilet with a fresh new seat and replace the shower curtain.

Living Room

If you have any original period features try and restore them. If the original flooring is good quality remove old carpets and allow your flooring to act as a center piece. Arrange your furniture in a better way to give the illusion of extra space. Re-paint any bold colored walls a warm cream color as you are trying to create a show home feel so neutral is key.


Bedrooms have more value than office space. If you’ve converted a bedroom as an office change it back. Built in wardrobes are a great space saving solution and are attractive to a buyer. Replace heavy curtains with blinds that let light in – a sunny room feels larger and more open.


A garden is a major part of the home, an extra space with multiple uses which is often overlooked. Realtors have confirmed that even if your home is perfect on the inside, a bad view from the outside can turn people away, so it’s important your home has curb appeal. Maintenance and some soft landscaping can make such a difference. In fact studies have shown it increases real estate value by 7% to 15%. Realistic artificial lawn will attract families as having a patch of grass to play on will appeal to children. Cutting fresh edges around your planting beds; having a sharp, well-defined edge between grass gives the landscape a professional look. Create a focal point such as a water feature, clay pots or a flowering tree, these are inexpensive but will make your property instantly look more appealing.

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    In addition to a garden, any type of outdoor living space can be great for improving the resale value of your home or helping it to sell a bit faster. Furnished patios or decks can have huge payoffs–the typical deck actually sees around 70% return on investment.

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