Top 5 tips when moving out.

Top 5 tips when moving out.

Planning to move out? Want to avoid the hassle and stress? Here are 5 simple, but vital tips to consider, in order to ensure a smooth move out of your house/flat/apartment.

1) Moving date and Planning

The most important thing is to set a date to move out/ move in beforehand. Planning everything in advance is essential, in order to ensure a ductile move. Moreover, look for friends or relatives, who are able to lend you a hand, because moving is a hard job. Arrange specific days, where you can effectively use up the whole day to pack or complete the administrative stuff.

2) Notices

DON’T FORGET THIS PART!!! People tend to forget to notify banks, post offices, creditors or power companies about your move. Therefore I suggest handling this personal arrangements and notices as soon as possible. Hence, you will avoid the hassle to give notice to different departments and people in the last minute. This will allow you to accelerate the process of changing address and clean up any bills, which are still due.

3) Inventory List

However, the biggest question is: ‘What should I take with me?’

Moving out is already a tiring job with all your belongings. Although, do you really need all of your stuff? A yard sale or a sell off could help you finance for example the moving company. Moreover, you will get rid of lots of stuff, which will not be in need surely.

Next take a list on all your valuable possessions. Taking pictures and keeping them on your computer or laptop helps keeping track on your entire inventory easily.

4) Man and Van

NEVER wait until the last minute to contact those moving companies. Make sure the trucks are available for your set moving date and maybe you will be able to negotiate a reasonable price beforehand. However, if you rent a truck yourself, ensure that you have enough helpers lined up.

Then again you can hire a man and van service, who can help you with removal from furniture to electronic appliances. For instance, outstanding items will be taken care of by this team. The appropriate items are recycled and toxic items are disposed instantly. You might want to get this over with in advance to avoid any stress at the end.

5) Moving In

This is a completely different story. However, the most important things to consider right after moving out are double checking all your boxes and belongings. Consequently, have a floor plan ready of your new place, in order to help the movers to unload the stuff easily and efficiently. Make sure you have the keys already to avoid unnecessary waste of time as well.

Finally, the date arrives and you do your final checks. Make sure the house is clean, pack your essential living items and get on the truck. Once you are on that truck you can begin a new chapter in your life. Good Luck!


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    Comment by Remy Santos@Solar Lights: Sep 9, 2012 at 5:11 AM

    This is a very helpful tips for moving out. Planning before you move out is very important it helps you remember all the things that you want to pack and bring with you in your new home. Planning also lessen your problems as you move to another place.

  2. two
    Comment by Elaine Salt@Minneapolis Property Management: Sep 13, 2012 at 8:11 AM

    When moving out to another neighborhood or home it is essential that you give banks, post offices, creditors, power companies and people close to you notice so they will know where they can find you.

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