Top 10 Decorating Ideas for Kids’ Room

Top 10 Decorating Ideas for Kids’ Room

Decorating a room especially for kids can be very challenging. You can use wall decals for kids, paint, and more just to keep your kids room lively and artistic. To help you get the job done, we have listed the top 10 decorating ideas below.

  1. Keep things at their height – kids are messy by nature. However, you can help them get their room organized easily by keeping things at their height. Keeping it this way, kids will have easy access to closet storage, benches, and coat racks.
  2. Continuous Art Center – creating a continuous art center will definitely give your kids room a lovely ambiance. Using a wainscoting and painting, the wall below the art center with chalkboard paint will do the job.
  3. Glow in the dark paints – majority of the crafts and hobby stores are selling glow in the dark paints. Paint stars, moons and the likes on your kids’ room and they will surely thank you for doing it.
  4. Wall Decals – temporary decors like removable wall transfers and wall decals are becoming popular nowadays. You can look for wall decals for kids in home improvement stores near your place and buy one that suits best for your kids’ room or personality.
  5. Kids Collection – kids are collectors too and some of them love to collect pictures and postcards. Gone are the days when postcards and pictures are only pinned on corkboards. Use these collections of your kids as part of your décor and have it hand from strings in front of your kids’ room window or clip it to a string and hang along the wall.
  6. Magnetic Board – kids love to display things. To keep their displays in order, try mounting a magnetic board to your wall. You can use a galvanized metal, as this is affordable and available in almost all home improvement stores.
  7. Peel and Stick Cork – try to search for some peel and stick cork in any of the arts and crafts store near you and cut out any shape. Peel off the backing and attached the cut shape to the walls. This will serve as your kids’ pin up space.
  8. Water Based Growth Chart – instead of the traditional paper or cardboard growth chart to put inside your kids’ room as boarder, use a non-toxic water-based paint and let your kids handprint form the boarder. In this way, you can watch your kids grow while keeping their room look creative.
  9. Multiple Lighting – do not settle with only one lighting for your kids room. Try using multiple lighting systems for various purposes. You can have the bright lighting so your kids will have enough light when working with their homework, reading, studying and the like. On the other hand, use a dimmer for use when they are just relaxing or sleeping.
  10. Signature Painting – when painting kids room furniture pieces like dresser and the like, letting them help in painting and letting them have their signature on it or handprint or fingerprints will add an artistic look to the furniture.

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