Thinking of Renovating Your Kitchen? How About Using Quartz Worktops?

Thinking of Renovating Your Kitchen? How About Using Quartz Worktops?

Trends in kitchen design have always incorporated both style and ergonomics. As part of kitchen remodeling and renovations, much of the focus has been on improving specific areas such as the food cooking and preparation area, the cleaning area, and of course, the dining area. Clever use of space apart, worktops made from quartz, marble, granite and other natural material, have been popular choices. These materials enhance the overall look of kitchens and offer practical benefits as well. So, it’s great if you are looking to place a quote for granite worktops as part of your upcoming kitchen renovation project. But have you considered an equally good alternative – quartz?

Match the rest of your kitchen décor easily

When you are planning a kitchen renovation, you will no doubt want to push its overall look a few notches higher. Maybe replace your drab cabinets with brighter ones, add mini chandeliers or even just re-paint your kitchen walls in a color of your choice. All these elements together should create a harmonious look and feel. One of these elements is your worktop – the right color and patterns can add to the overall style while mismatched ones will most certainly detract from it.

A quartz worktop is a great option in this case. As it is a blend of quartz (93%) and resin (7%), the material is flexible enough to be cut and shaped in different designs. The choice in quartz worktop colors is also extensive – many shades, from elegant black to pristine whites and pastels, including fuchsia, are available. Whether you want to tone down or tone up, matching your style needs with quartz kitchen worktops is really easy!


Get good value for money

It goes without saying that your kitchen worktop should be durable and offer many years of service. How long your worktop will last largely depends on the material it is made of. Quartz is an inherently strong material that can resist wear admirably. Additionally, it is scratch resistant, stain resistant and inflammable. You don’t have to worry about stubborn stains when coffee, wine, juice, tea or other liquids spill on your quartz worktop. Your worktop can also be cleaned with water or an anti-microbial mixture to get rid of spills and dirt easily. All this adds up to a good investment, and low maintenance. So, you can see that quartz worktops tick the right boxes!


Your quartz kitchen worktop will age well

“My kitchen worktop is already starting to look old” is a common gripe that most homeowners have. You won’t be complaining about your quartz worktop losing its ‘shiny new look’. Countertops made of quartz do not corrode and their colors do not fade quickly. Even after years of use, any signs of aging or discoloration are difficult to spot.

When you decide to install quartz worktops in your kitchen, make sure you browse the supplier’s product catalog carefully to make an informed decision. It is also a good idea to allow the supplier to carry out the worktop installation.

Penny Cooper is a writer who represents Granite Logic.

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    Comment by ricky2london@ home renovations: Jul 16, 2012 at 9:20 AM

    Renovation of house is always an exciting work. I think the most important part of our home is the kitchen, remodelling of the kitchen is a very sensitive work as it always incorporated both style and ergonomics. In my opinion use water resistant material for remodelling the kitchen, This part of the house is well lit and well ventilating system which giveyou the pleasant feel of cooking.

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