The use of rotavators in summer garden landscaping projects

The use of rotavators in summer garden landscaping projects

If you are thinking about a major landscaping project during summer, then there is some vital equipment that can make the job a lot easier. Manual landscaping takes a long time and is very labor intensive. For this reason anyone looking to undertake a landscape gardening project should try and minimize the man power needed. One way to do this is by using machinery that automates and makes tasks easier. Once such tool is a rotavator; rotavators are used to churn up old ground. This in turn gives the landscaper a completely fresh and blank canvas to work with.

Having rotavated the ground you are going to work on is a very important step in promoting healthy growth. One of the reasons for this is that the top soil may have been drained of its nutrients. Therefore bringing up soil from further below the surface and mixing it with the surface soil allows more access to nutrients for growth. This is a key step to maintaining the natural balance of nutrients in your garden’s soil. Over time this approach will not be enough and fertilizer may be needed. But as a medium term solution rotavating your yard gives great results. It also helps with the breathability and moisture filtration of the ground as well. So there are multiple benefits besides healthy nutrient levels.

Once you have either manually dug up or automatically rotavated your garden you have a choice to make. This choice is one of the most fun decisions you will have to make when landscaping. It is the choice of what to do with the blank canvas in front of you. Many people will lay down lawn or turf as the “centre piece” of their garden. The reason for this is that grass provides a good focus for most gardens and is relatively easy to maintain. The level that one maintains his or her lawn can vary drastically between individuals. Some people treat it as an art form, dedicating all of their spare time to having the greenest lawn in the street. Where as others are happy to simply cut the grass when it starts looking a bit overgrown. One thing is constant though nobody actively wants a lawn that is in bad health. Rotavating the land before laying down lawn gives the grass the best possible foundation to grow upon.

Once you have a lawn in place and it is settled, there are other more simple methods you can follow to promote good grass health. One of them involves the use of a lawn aerator. Lawn aerators create small breathable holes in the ground’s surface. This in turn gives the lawn better air flow, water filtration and nutrient absorption. This is a natural and non-chemically dependent way to keep your garden lawn in great health. More often people are looking for environmentally friendly ways to care for their garden. Aeration is one of the most sustainable ways of doing so. It has no carbon footprint and does not affect the food chain in any way.

Over time you may want to introduce fertiliser just to “top up” the nutrients in the top layer of soil. However this should be an occasional thing and not a regular part of your garden maintenance.

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    Garden Landscaping is a hard and tedious job, But using appropriate gardening tools like rotavator makes this task easier.

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