The secret to making your home stand out in the property market

The secret to making your home stand out in the property market

With summer in full swing, now might be the perfect time to get your home on the market and show it off for all to see. We would like to share some advice with you on what steps you can take to ensure that your home is more appealing for those interested buyers out there. From cleaning the inside to the finishing touches in your garden, we will aim to help make your home stand out from the rest.

Both homeowners looking to sell and landlords in search of a tenant can benefit from the advice below, which aims to make your home look as attractive as possible. You want to be in the best position possible when it comes to setting and negotiating a reasonable price and following these steps below will help you do this.
Maintain your garden– The best way to give your property some charm is to ensure that the aesthetic look of the outside is flawless. Many homeowners forget to take this element of a home seriously, so de-clutter and impress viewers before they even step foot in your house. A high proportion of viewers make up their mind about a home within the first ten seconds of seeing it. So with this in mind, win buyers over with your attractive front garden.
Carry out any repairs – Tidying your garden is just the first step, as any repairs or home maintenance work needs to be a priority. Unstable roof tiles or leaking gutters could damage the perception people have of your home and a well maintained exterior and interior will demonstrate that your property isn’t likely to fall apart at the first opportunity.
Clear the rooms of personal items – Maximise the size of the rooms inside your home by getting rid of any large or unnecessary furniture. The people viewing want to be able to imagine their own furniture in your home and these objects will prevent them from being able to. So any items that you have that you think are too personal and wouldn’t add to the appeal of your home then put them away somewhere safe for each viewing. If you don’t have enough room then you can always rent some storage space and temporarily store any items that might not fit in your cupboards.
Use light to your advantage – You need to be aware of the seasons and the time of day a viewing will be coming over to your home. In the summer days, open the curtains and let as much light in through the windows as possible. This extra light can really make your rooms stand out and the summer brings with it longer days, which is a positive for all sellers. If people are coming in the evening or in winter, then make sure that the rooms are well lit; as your potential buyers aren’t going to be impressed with a dark and dreary room.
Timing is crucial when selling your home, and with tough economic conditions it is important that you make the most of the time that your property is on the market. Only spend money on home improvement aspects on the necessities and the things that will help boost your chances of getting a higher price.

This post was written on behalf of Wentworth Removals in Surrey, who provide services in storage and removals.

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    Comment by Mia@apartments for rent in lisbon: Aug 9, 2012 at 11:13 AM

    These all tips are surly helpful. One more thing I want to add is people can make their exterior more attractive, if they will use chains on entry gates and using cheap garden fountain in their garden. Thanks for the tips.

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