The Coordinated Oak Look

The Coordinated Oak Look

There’s nothing quite like natural wood in your home, not only does it look great, but it will last you forever. Wood is man’s oldest friend when it comes to providing building, furnishing and of course fuel. So perhaps it runs a little deeper in the human psyche than other materials. Trees and wood are as natural to us as the fruit they provide. Wood is cool in the summer, warm in the winter – and just has a feel all of its own. Back in the days, oak was used to display wealth and success to the people on the outside world. On some old antique oak furniture you might find branded initials and different initials often reflect a change of ownership.

This is why natural wooden floors have become increasingly popular all over the western world during the past 20 years or so. The reason is because of the durability of oak as a material and also because of the quality of the workmanship. Of all the woods, though, oak offers something special, not only quality, but also the little extra that will make us fall in love with it – maybe it’s the smell of oak? Oak is perhaps the most traditional off all the woods – certainly when it comes to providing building material and the raw material for furnishings.

So it’s easy, these days, to provide a completely coordinated oak effect look throughout your home – and this is a look that is always breath-taking in its beauty. The quality of oak furniture cannot be compared to other materials. Oak will last you a lifetime, and you can pass it down to your children when they start a new home. After a while, the oak will look even better than a brand new oak piece and you can just imagine the sentimental value it comes with when you pass it down to someone you care for. Maybe carve your initials in them too?

If you can achieve it, the coordinated look really helps give a hone a feel of solidity and continuity. The continuity of style from the color and styling of the range you choose – and perhaps the flooring that goes with it – should complement your house and its overall design and setting, in an ideal world. But there are many coordinated ranges of oak furnishings that will go well with either contemporary or traditional styling, from rural / rustic to contemporary city pad. Have a look at some of the ranges at Furnishing Homes, for example, and you’ll soon see just how diverse the overall oak range choice is. Oak beds from Furnishing Homes, for example, are usually part of a coordinated range covering everything from coffee tables to sideboards, with dining suites, occasional items, bedroom furnishings and kitchen furniture. Achieving a great coordinated oak look really couldn’t be easier these days as it will be all laid up for you to chose from and most online furniture stores will give you clever ideas to what will go with what.

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