The Best Pest Control Tips for Your Home

The Best Pest Control Tips for Your Home

Having pests invading your home can be a real nuisance and cost you time and money so the best way forward is to prevent them from entering your home in the first place. It’s not always possible to prevent one hundred percent of pests but if you can deter the majority of them then you’ll be well on your way to a pest free home. Consider our best pest control tips so you and your family can live in a happy and pest free space.

Essential Oils

There are a variety of natural approaches you can take to deter pests and these can not only save you money but also be kinder on the environment. Take essential oils as one example – strong odors such as peppermint are not favored by ants so try peppermint oil on cotton balls that can be placed in areas where ants are likely to travel along such as crevices around windows and corners of the home. Lemon and orange are also good scents to deter bugs with.


If your ant problem is major then making up an ant trap might be the best answer. Mix one cup of borax and one cup of sugar in a jar then punch holes in the lid. You can choose to sprinkle the mixture around the outside of your home where ants congregate such as along the foundations. Also, leave the jar standing in an area you know the ants traverse and let them wander into your sugary trap. The sweet flavor will entice them and the borax will poison them. Remember, no matter what you’re using to prevent pests, always keep your children and pets safe from poisons.


Borax is also good for getting rid of cockroaches. Simply sprinkle borax around areas such as kitchen cupboards, laundry and bathroom cabinets and other problem spots. As always, be mindful of keeping children and pets safe.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter makes for an excellent form of bait for mousetraps if you already have rodents in the home. To prevent mice and rats from entering your house it’s a matter of sealing every possible opening that they can enter through. Sealing entry points might sound easy enough until you realize that mice can push their way through a space narrower than a quarter of an inch. For those hard to fill areas use steel wool. Tightly pack the steel wool in by using a long implement such as a screwdriver to force it into the gaps.

Clutter Free Living

Keeping your home clutter free both indoors and out will help keep pests at bay. Piles of rubbish, wood and other bits and pieces can be especially problematic when stored next to the house. Why give termites an easy pathway to your home when you can simply keep rubbish in sealed containers, tidy up hard waste and take it to the rubbish dump, and generally keep the garage and garden tidy and clean by giving it a once over each week.

Clean day to day living is another key to successful pest control. Keep food stored in containers with a tight seal and ensure spills and dirty dishes are cleaned up relatively quickly. Children have a tendency to leave food and drink in odd places around the home so avoid allowing eating in unnecessary areas and enforce rules that see all dishes being returned to the kitchen straight after use.

If all else fails and you find yourself facing nests of wasps or are overrun by rodents or ants then don’t hesitate to call in the professionals. Getting your problem under control fast will help reduce the damage and get you on the road to prevention sooner. That way you can get on with living happily in your home and enjoying life instead of fighting for food, warmth and shelter against unwelcome creatures!

Author Bio : Tauseef Hussain is a media blogger and writes on Designer Bathroom Accessories. He is also fascinated by high quality bathroom furniture from AQVA Bathrooms.


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    Interesting choice about using peanut better for catching mice. Is it actually better than using cheese?

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    Can’t we use some other products available in market for pest control and elimination? However, you mentioned everything properly…Thanks for the post

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