Telltale Signs That Your Windows Are Costing You Money

Telltale Signs That Your Windows Are Costing You Money

In older houses, faulty, old windows can account for a third of the total heat loss in winter and as much as 75 percent of interior heat gain in summer. If you have old, leaky windows, replacing them will cost you money up front, but in a few years they’ll have paid for themselves. You‘ll save so much on your energy bills, your new windows will not have cost you a dime.

Here are a few telltale signs that a window has lost its effectiveness:

  • Stand inside your house on a windy day with a lit candle near the window’s edge. If the flame flickers or goes out, your weather stripping could be damaged.
  • During the winter, if a window experiences ice buildup or a frosty glaze on the interior of the pane, the ventilation in your home may not be adequate.
  • If you need to prop open your window with a book or a stick, the window may have lost its functionality.
  • Sit near your window. If you feel cold air coming in during the winter or warm air during the summer, your windows have little insulation.

Local realtors say new windows is one of the best investments you will ever make. It can actually make or break a sale.

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