Spruce Up Your Home for an Open House

Spruce Up Your Home for an Open House

If you’re thinking about moving, holding an open house can be an excellent way to expose your home to potential buyers. However, an open house gives people more opportunity to closely examine your home. This means it needs to be in top condition to leave a good impression. Sometimes this means renovations or touch-up paint jobs, but no one wants to spend much money on the home they’re leaving. Here are a few tips to make your home inviting and appealing at an open house without breaking the bank; many of these tips are also great for people who aren’t moving and just want to easily primp their homes.

Touchup and Clean the Façade

First impressions really do matter, and your home’s façade is the first thing a visitor sees. Make sure they fall in love before they even step inside by cleaning and touching up the outside. If a slat on your privacy fence has been splintered for years or a shutter hangs wrong, now is the time to fix them. If you have front steps and a porch, make sure they are swept clean. Clear any cobwebs from eaves or brick façades. Also, don’t forget to clean leaves and debris out of the gutters – if it rains, visitors will be happy to know the gutters work properly!

Clean-up the Yard

If you don’t have any flowers in your yard, buy a few inexpensive planters with bright plants and place them on your steps or around your front door. If you do have flowers, make sure they are trimmed and any dead heads have been cut. Mow your yard a few days before the open house, so it will look healthy, but not overgrown. The day before the open house, rake the yard and trim the bushes. 

Clean the House

Having a clean home on the day of the open house is of the utmost importance. Vacuum and mop; make sure every surface is dusted and clutter is put away. If it is in your budget, you may want to hire a professional cleaning service to come.

Polish Appliances

Appliances are one of the few things that come with a home, so remember that you are selling them, too. Additionally, bathrooms and kitchens, the sites of many appliances, are frequently make-or-break points for potential buyers. Polish the appliances to make sure they shine and are smudge free; this helps them look new. Put away any appliances or other items that you do not need out in these rooms. But remember: keep shelves organized, as well, since people may check to see how much room is in the medicine cabinet or pantry.

Clear out Clutter

Unnecessary clutter in a room makes it look crowded and less inviting. If you have been using a rented storage unit during your move or if you already have access to your new home, move any unneeded furniture out of your house.

Utilize Natural Light

Well-lit rooms look larger and pleasanter than dark ones. Turn on all the lights in your home, and open all window coverings. This has the added effect of making your open look inviting from the street.

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