Simplicity precedes elegance: the art of incorporating fine lines into your home.

Simplicity precedes elegance: the art of incorporating fine lines into your home.

Modern design has taken the world by storm. Starting in Scandinavia, which are some of the top furniture design countries in the world, the art of minimalist design has spread like wildfire to many corners of the globe. The reason for this is the delicate mixture of a clean and clutter free space, yet still cozy feeling that can be achieved when done right. For many people, designing a minimalist space can seem like a difficult task at first, and for these people it may be a challenge to get on board with this design. If this sounds like you, there is likely a fear of how to display everything you want and keep your daily use items, such as car keys, books and remote controls in easy reach.

The following are a few easy ways to update your space to the minimalist and modern design without losing its usability.

Start with the Big Pieces

In the living room, the easiest way to update your look is to start with the furniture. By swapping out an all-consuming sofa for an updated piece with clean, strong lines, your room will instantly look more modern. Pair this with a coffee table that is low to the ground and has rigid lines and your look will be complete.

On the coffee table, do not be afraid to put a few magazines, a book, or a tray to hold the remote control and other miscellaneous items. Keep the tray as clean as possible and decorate it with a touch of natural beauty, such as a fresh flower, or small bamboo shoot. This can add life in what some people fear will look like a sterile environment.

Paint the Walls

The color white is frequently used in minimalist design. This color can be put on the walls, or used in the fabric on the furniture pieces. By using white, or a light grey, you can instantly brighten up the room. This brightness gives the room a more open feeling, and easily makes a small space look larger.

To add color to your walls, hang up your favorite artwork. This artwork should also consist of clean lines and minimalist design to match the feel of the room. Many designers break up the artwork to add some dimension by hanging pieces that come in sets of three.

Bold, yet Clean Prints

Another great way to add dimension is through bold prints. These prints are frequently used in accent pieces or area rugs. The prints themselves should match the clean line look and feel of the room and should be geometric shapes over floral or paisley prints. Try placing a black and white rug with squares or circles on the floor to compliment the coffee table and sofa area. Or, add an ikat print with simple jagged lines as accent pillows to a sofa. These still,clean-lined prints will add a touch of fun in a classy and modern way.

Use Smart Shelving

One of the biggest concerns for how to employ a minimalist design without tossing out all of your favorite personal belongings is how to store them without looking cluttered. This can easily be done through smart shelving space.

Hang a few long shelves on the wall that can be closed to hide junk. These are great ways to add lines to the room in a new dimension, but also provide you an easy way to hide away movies, books, or any other item that may cause the room to look cluttered.

As you start to put together your new, elegant living space, take it one step at a time. Each new introduction of a minimalist piece will help to transform the room from traditional to modern design.


Tess Pajaron is part of the team behind Open Colleges, Australia’s excellent provider of interiordesigncourses. Her background stems from her exposure to their family-owned construction business. She can be also seen on her social media profile at Google+.

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    Comment by Elaine Salt@Minneapolis Property Management: Sep 18, 2012 at 5:02 PM

    I have to agree that simplicity precedes elegance. Minimalist design often shows elegance in most homes.

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