Showcase: Five Unique Beach House Designs

Showcase: Five Unique Beach House Designs

Ever reached the point where you have saved a good sum of money? Why not start building a beach house? Take a quick break from getting that perfect outdoor furniture for your patio, start planning on building a home by the beach, and make your dream getaway come true!

A beach house not only provides a steady relaxing vacation whenever you want to, it can also serve as many other things such as a great venue for one of your parties, a secret getaway when you needed to remove yourself from society, or a nice spot to chill with a special someone in a nightcap.

Here are some of the best looking beach houses out there to help you get started. With a little observation, you might get ideas from them.

The Perfect View

This beach house is perfect for people who care about a great view of the ocean more than being confined in privacy. Come to think of it, won’t you rather show everybody what this house can offer if you happen to own it? With sliding doors made of glass replacing all the walls, this is the best spot to hold beach night parties.

The Mahina House

“My name is Bond. James Bond.” Yes, this house may seem familiar since it was used in one James Bond film. Its all-white motif and the unique arc-shaped exterior bring a whole new meaning to the word “futuristic”.

The Unique Cottage

What makes this cottage unique? First of all, it might not look like it but this house rests on a hillside. Since it is placed on a sloped surface, it is designed to have rooms of different levels which give you better view as you go higher. With that said, are you still wondering what makes this cottage unique?

The K House

Perhaps one of the most impressive looking beach houses out there, the K House boasts originality when it comes to both interior and exterior design. Like its name implies, the letter “k” can be seen in almost every part of the house – there is even a k-shaped floor-to-ceiling cabinet used as a book case. This was designed for a family whose name begins with the letter – you guessed it – “K”.

The Dome (of a Home)

Perhaps the best description for this beach house is that it doesn’t have any hard edges. The Dome of a Home is one of those structures that make you think twice where you are. More like an architectural work of art, this residential eye-candy is just right for those who prefer curves more than angles.

Of course, having a beach house in the first place requires a big enough resource for your ideas to become reality. But if you have what it takes to build one, then by all means, go ahead and make your dreams come true!

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    Comment by Tiffany @ Richardsons Holiday Villages: Oct 14, 2012 at 8:30 AM

    The K house looks odd to me…The Dome is cute but I’d love to be in a beach house with the perfect view. 😀

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