Shapes, Lights and Colors

Shapes, Lights and Colors

Whenever you move into your new property (office or home), you want it to be unique. Something different from the boring interior that you constantly see. While visiting art galleries in London I managed to take some photos to illustrate the feelings and share the beauty  of some shapes which would look great in a new space.

Minimalistic style is the way to go, I suppose. In the past years we saw the thick carpet, the floorboards and the stainless steel kitchens. Nowadays, people seem to favor something newer and almost unseen. Their interiors are moving from cosy and cluttered to pure and clinical.

So, while visiting the Haunch Of Venison situated near Burlington Arcade in London I saw this incredible work. What was exciting about it? The simplicity and the beauty of the design. Work by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby, who designed the Olympic  torch for the London 2012…A real reference in design.

A few hours later I saw the Tate Modern near Southwark. The Tacita Dean exhibition in the Turbine Hall. It’s a huge scale cinema screen: about 30 metres high. A real film – without any editing – is projected on this portrait orientated surface. Another wonderful artwork. Imagine having this kind of installation in your office – waiting room or even lounge when having guests around…a visual treat.

To end the gallery marathon, it was the turn of the ICA not that far from Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace. A space dedicated to modern art with not only some white spaces but also a cinema, a bookshop, a café/bar. A kind of art & media meeting point with the possibility to stay very late as the Institute of Contemporary Arts stays open late 3 nights a week; until 1am! The Jacob Kassay show attracted me. Yes, indeed… it couldn’t be whiter. Almost like moving into a cloud with the walls and ceiling entirely white. He respects his traditions of monochrome and colour field painting. These 3 artists, galleries and exhibitions are varied and are buzzing of creativity but it is also simple. The idea behind it is of course pure genius. So, why not trying to implement these look to your own space…wherever it is. It is well known that “less is more” after all.

Tarquin J writes for various sites including FengSwish . His passion for arts – design – architecture makes him take flights to Dubai and other worldwide places. A Better Living is his aim.





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    Comment by Sinead @Cocktail Dresses: May 23, 2012 at 2:36 PM

    The Tate Modern is such a great source of inspiration. I make a habit of spending an afternoon there whenever I’m in London. These pieces are almost hypnotic they draw you in, ideal for a waiting room.
    I too have seen a huge drift towards Minimalistic style. I live in New York and I’ve notice this idea creeping into the interiors of restaurants and nightclub. I think its wonderful and it really opens up a room.

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