Setup Your HD Home Theater For Under $4K

Setup Your HD Home Theater For Under $4K

A quick little home improvement tip for you here. Many people are wanting to add a small home theater to their homes these days but many are still not moving forward with the idea because of a fear of how much it will actually cost them.

The good news is because of the continual innovation that takes place in the Electronics industry prices for home theater equipment are becoming more and more reasonable. Add to that a few interesting home theater innovations that have come up in the industry lately and “bam,” now all of a sudden it’s possible to put together a home theater under $4k. Let me break down for you how:


1. HD Projector: Avg. Price = $1000 A quick browse around and you will see how possible it will be for you to snag up a high quality HD/3D projector for under $1k. Be sure to read up on the reviews and make sure you get the right projector for your room. Things like lighting, distance, and wall size play a critical role here.

2. Screen Paint: Avg. Price = $200 In years past you had to invest in an expensive projector screen if you wanted to put a real home theater together, especially if you wanted to project an HD picture. Nowadays they make home theater screen paint you can paint directly on your wall that has been specifically engineered to produce video as effective as an HD projector screen.

3. Audio System: Avg. Price = $500 I recommend searching through for home audio systems rather than Amazon or Best Buy. Overall many have found New Egg to have way better prices particularly when it comes to home audio equipment. On New Egg you can really spice up your Audio system with a $500 budget.

4. PS3 w/ Blueray Player: Avg. Price = $300 The new PS3 is around $240 with the option for increased hard drive space, which puts you at about $300. A PS3 is a good choice because a) you get gaming out of it and b) you get a Blueray DVD player out of it. The best in the business in fact.

5. A Nice Sectional = $1000 You don’t want to be lying on the floor now do you? usually has some pretty classy sectionals for under $1k. Use the inner home décor expert in you to find the right sectional for your home theater. But know that there’s no way you should have to pay more than $1k to get the right one!

6. Lovesac: Avg. Price = $800 If your home theater room is big enough you can add one of these bad boys to your sectional. For around $800 you can get the world’s largest Bean Bag (ok there’s probably a bigger one but you know what I’m saying here). These things are so comfortable and perfect for movie and TV watching in a home theater.

Conclusion: Now let’s be honest here, there are plenty of items you could add to this list. But for the average homeowner who wants to just enjoy a movie now and again with friends or family, and doesn’t want to spend a small fortune this is a pretty good list. Watch your neighbors go “green with envy” after you put all these items together and complete your new home theater!


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    Comment by Mark: Feb 2, 2012 at 9:42 PM

    Did you know that most General Contractors don’t actually do any work, but rather line up the workers you will need for your kitchen renovation, for example. You can be your own general contractor if you take the time to find and research workers and then manage their work.

  2. two
    Comment by mary@hitachi projector bulb: May 16, 2012 at 10:18 AM

    I use a basic white store from Ikea as a screen. It’s cheap and it works pretty well !

  3. three
    Comment by Beth: Jun 7, 2012 at 4:12 PM

    We used the home theater screen paint. While it may not be perfect, it certainly was affordable, and it works.

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