Remarkable Benefits of Having a Garden Patio

Remarkable Benefits of Having a Garden Patio

Remarkable Benefits of Having a Garden Patio

Having a patio is a blessing in and of itself. It provides a place for relaxation, entertainment and appreciation of the beauty of one’s surroundings. What some people fail to realize though is that it can do even more. A patio can also be used as a personal garden.

Growing a garden in a patio might sound demanding, and it certainly does require a certain deal of work. However, taking the time and putting in the effort will bring bountiful rewards to its owner. Here are some of its most remarkable benefits:

You can have a sustainable source of fresh produce.

The first benefit that would come to mind, and arguably the most rewarding, is having your own reliable source of fresh fruits, vegetables and/or spices. Lettuce and cucumbers, strawberries and limes, and parsley and basil are just some of the many plants that can be grown at home.

With the right tools and techniques, you can get extra savings when shopping for groceries. Simple meals can be transformed into exciting dishes with herbs and spices. You can be assured of the freshness and quality of your food. Furthermore, having a constant supply of fruits and vegetables will help in balancing the diet of your family, promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Social gatherings become more enjoyable.

Growing out of the first advantage is being able to entertain guests in more ways. With the added option of having fresh produce, get-togethers can be more gratifying as guests can also enjoy the “fruits” of one’s own labor through the meals served. Even the meat-centric events like barbecue grills can be given a little spice by mixing in peppers and tomatoes.

Plants can also be used to repel pesky insects that prey on people and food like mosquitoes, flies and ants. Lavender, basil and tansy are just a couple that can be grown in a garden. Guests can focus on having a good time instead of having to deal with annoying bites and itches, and keeping their food clean from crawling pests. They also get to breathe in the fragrant scent of such herbs.

It can improve people’s health.

There is the naturally refreshing tranquility that a simple patio can give; but cultivating a garden in that patio can boost its effects.

It has been said that the color green has a psychological calming effect on people. There are also the acknowledged positive influences of plants themselves on humans such as improved well-being, increased attentiveness, and even lowered systolic blood pressure. Taking the time to surround one’s self with green plants can be good for one’s physical and psychological well-being.

It provides a more soothing atmosphere.

With good design, pleasing arrangement, appropriate choice of plants, and the right furniture, you can have a more comfortable garden patio experience. The last is especially important, as these will be used by you, your family and your guests.

Although garden patio furniture is usually more expensive than ordinary patio furniture, it is worth the price for its weather-proofing and specialized design. Such fixtures are especially made to withstand rain, heat and other conditions that can easily damage furniture; and they don’t sink into the earth with their wider foundations.

The best of these are made of wood since such outdoor furniture fit the organic feel of gardens. Because they are organic, they are also safer to use, as they are free from the possibly toxic materials involved in making metal and plastic furniture.

You get a better-looking environment.

Produce are not the only things that can be grown in a garden. A variety of brightly-colored flowers in all sorts of shapes and sizes can blossom in the right locations, breathing joy and vitality to dull and lifeless patios and other outdoor areas. For those who unfortunately do not have a good view in their patios, flowers can be used to cover up unsightly scenes.

Lily of the valley and viola flowers bring pure whites and bright violets to shady areas. Marigolds and calendulas add a bright burst of yellow, while attracting beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies that help such flowers grow. Just having all these flowering plants in patios can also encourage people to spend more time outside the confines of their houses.

Considering all these advantages in growing a garden in one’s home, it would be a waste to be content with a barren patio.  The amount of money and time that would be spent on such an endeavor would be negligible in comparison to the satisfaction of being able to nurture life. By pursuing this activity, homes and human lives can be enriched.

About the Author: Pierre Angela Cruz is a Marketing Consultant for Open Brook, an excellent source of information and reviews about outdoor and patio furniture .

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