Redesigning your home for a growing family

Redesigning your home for a growing family

A new baby or two will come with a growing array of clothing, toiletries, toys and storage needs. So if your family is growing the way you look at the space in your home will need adjusting in order to accommodate your new and permanent guests. In order to help you rethink how you use your space, we have come up with some hints on how to use your space for your newborns and toddlers.

1. Sleeping space

If you are lucky enough to have a spare room to convert into a nursery, then great! But the truth is that your little one will not be sleeping alone for a while yet. In order to keep your space operating at maximum efficiency, its better to convert a corner of your existing sleeping area for your baby to sleep in, rather than redecorating an entire room which will be disabled for the first six months to a year of your child’s life. This will give you some extra space and some extra time to decide what you want to do with the spare space, as your child gets older.

2. Storage space

When you have children, you will notice a growing need for “extra” items, and “spare” items, all of which will require storage of some form or another. If your family is growing, now may be the time to empty cupboards and other storage spaces of rarely-used knick-knacks. It is time to start converting these areas into usable spaces in the form of cupboards, drawers and shelves to give yourself the extra usable storage that you are going to need.

Children also need clothes, shoes, socks and jackets (amongst other things!) and so installing your existing wardrobes with compartments or getting new cupboards and wardrobes to accommodate the growing collection of clothing would be a good idea.

3. Playing space

Everything from play gyms, little bikes, balls and teddy bears will quickly begin to fill your home once your family starts to grow and the most common destination for these items is the living room. If you have no alternative to a living room to use as a play area, then its time to reconsider your furniture and make sure that any coffee tables and drawers with sharp corners are either removed or too high for a toddler to reach. Opting for drawers instead of shelves are also good as drawers are easier to childproof and can hide desirable items like sweets and toys away from a child’s eyes.

4. Safe space

Adventurous toddlers do not know the difference between a rope and an electrical wire, and so if your family is growing you must be sure that all electrical with wires and other dangers are hidden from view and preferably reach. Standalone TV’s should be replaced with units that can conceal wires, kitchen doors and cabinets should have child safety locks installed and plug sockets should have child safe covers to protect little hands and fingers from dangers.

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