Real Estate Trends And Predictions

Real Estate Trends And Predictions

If you’ve looked around your neighborhood, you can see that there are a lot of homes for sale. 2011 is a new year for the housing market and many real estate experts seem to be hopeful yet cautious. In order to recover, it is well known that jobs are the key. Without job creation, homeowners will continue to face foreclosure and won’t be able to qualify for a home purchase.

With inventory levels still high, housing in 2011 will not recover unless consumers have the jobs and confidence to grab up the excess. Local real estate experts say a full recovery is not likely. Unfortunately, there are too many people without jobs and lending standards are still too stringent.

Right now, home buyers aren’t into the huge homes with all the amenities anymore. Everyone seems to be downsizing or looking to save money. The older generations are looking for less maintenance and first time buyers are looking for smaller homes in walk-able neighborhoods. Of course this means that selling higher end homes is more difficult.

Experts say, the biggest trend in 2011/2012 for the real estate market will be lack of home buyers. Inventory levels will remain high and credit markets will continue to impose strict guidelines on potential buyers. And above all, a lack of jobs means buyers won’t buy homes. Until the job market recovers, the housing market will unfortunately continue to stagnate.


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    Comment by Dan@Erie Construction: Sep 23, 2011 at 12:20 PM

    Great article! It’s definitely a buyer’s market!

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    Comment by Charles@Las Vegas Homes: Oct 1, 2011 at 4:29 AM

    It definitely is a buyer’s market. We’re seeing a lot of investors buying up distressed properties here in Las Vegas. Right now it is cheaper to own a home than it is to rent. A lot of large companies are snapping up homes to rent them out.

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    Comment by Elizabeth Austin: Mar 26, 2012 at 12:22 PM

    A few years ago, buyers of Sacramento discovered the House just buy stayed in the same condition that it was during the inspection of the House: the dirt and dirt everywhere, garbage scattered all over the floor, broken personal belongings were left in almost all rooms. Vendors, in his hurry to leave, not even leave the keys.

    It was as if the sellers blamed buyers to rescue out of foreclosure procedures to do a short sale. Buyers not were to blame for the failure of vendors to make their mortgage payments.
    Most people do not think in a mortgage until they are ready to buy a House. However, the time for thinking about a mortgage is when you do not need a mortgage.
    It would be good, he does not agree, so you have time to think about all the different types of mortgages you might qualify for at the same time that they are not under pressure to choose. In addition, if you need to adjust your credit, you might need a little time to improve. You do not always have the luxury of the time when you are under contract to buy a House.

    It is worth doing a bit of work in advance, because all mortgages are not the same. In fact, you don’t even need a mortgage. In some parts of the country, prices are on par with a new car.

    On average, people living in the United States moved to new housing approximately every seven years. This means that every seven years, people as you are driving by neighborhoods, checking schools, walking through houses of complete strangers, talk with the bankers, and spending large amounts of money (i.e., keep the economy rolling). The process is lengthy and difficult times, but also one that can bring a lot of excitement and joy if you find your ideal home and can afford it.

    Set the closing date – the date limit set after your mortgage loan has been approved and the acceptance of the commitment letter. His agent to coordinate this event with you, the seller, the lender and closing agent. Your signature must be certified before a notary when signing the closing documents, so you remember to take your driver’s license or identification accepted others with you for effective signature.
    Learn about the conditions of the loan offer – understanding the conditions of the loan offer as indicated in the letter of commitment from the mortgage lender. If housing which purchase has been found to be in violation of a code of building or zoning regulations, the letter of commitment can specify that these problems must be corrected before the closure. If the seller has undertaken to carry out the repairs required by the lender, you’ll want to make sure that the work is finished (and is done correctly) before closing.
    Ensure services of title – before the closing, a search of title to the property is required. Mortgage lenders require a search to make sure that the borrower receives a clean title, established that the seller actually owns the property, and confirm that there are no charges filed against the property. You will also have to decide how you want to have the title to the property (for example, in a trust). The form that have a title of property has planning heritage and the fiscal implications, which is why the option to consult with an accountant or a lawyer

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    Comment by Edward@Miami Homes: Mar 28, 2012 at 2:33 PM

    Knowing real estate trends and forecasts basics gives you the tools you need to follow the real estate market’s movements. It helps analysts to make predictions for the coming months. These trends help investors know where to put their money. Real estate agents use them to give consumers an idea of property values in the short-term future.

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    Comment by Leif Freyman: Apr 9, 2012 at 10:59 PM

    I have noticed that over the course of developing a relationship with real estate proprietors, you’ll be able to come to understand that, in every real estate deal, a commission amount is paid. In the long run, FSBO sellers never “save” the commission payment. Rather, they fight to earn the commission through doing a agent’s work. In doing this, they devote their money along with time to perform, as best they’re able to, the jobs of an realtor. Those responsibilities include getting known the home via marketing, representing the home to willing buyers, building a sense of buyer urgency in order to trigger an offer, making arrangement for home inspections, dealing with qualification investigations with the mortgage lender, supervising maintenance tasks, and facilitating the closing of the deal.

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