Picking Out The Perfect Sunroom Furniture

Picking Out The Perfect Sunroom Furniture

Sunrooms are nice because they bring the outdoors in. It’s perfect for those (like me) who really dislike mosquitoes and other bugs, but love outdoor fresh air. This semi outdoor room remains exposed to all the elements, sun, rain sleet, and snow. The nice thing about a sunroom, is that you can experience all the seasons, without the discomfort.

Although there are many kinds of furniture, two types work pretty well in sunrooms. Designers say the first is furniture made from natural materials that usually remain exposed to the elements and the other is synthetic furniture manufactured with built in durability. Since many homeowners want to create “getaways” that make them feel like they are on vacation all year round, manufacturers are making furniture more affordable.

In a well protected sunroom any type of furniture that is used inside a home can be suitable otherwise the best choice would be opting for teak, cane or bamboo furniture that are built to withstand the elements. In other types of sunrooms that are either completely open or have only a knee wall constructed, it is best to have portable furniture. Since the sunroom will not be used during harsh weather conditions the ideal furniture type would be PVC or PVC coated metal furniture.This is important especially if it is designed for being stacked when not in use.

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    Comment by Sinead @Cocktail Dresses: May 24, 2012 at 2:59 PM

    In terms of aesthetic i think wooden or wicker furniture is ideal especially if the sunroom is facing the garden. I like the Idea of a hammock also provided that the room is large enough. It will give your room an outdoorsy feel and works well even when is raining outside.

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