Most Valuable Players: 5 Moving Supplies You CAN Use Again

Most Valuable Players: 5 Moving Supplies You CAN Use Again

Boxes, tape and bubble wrap are usually at the top of everyone’s moving supplies list, but take a look at these items that you may not have even considered. All can play a big role in making the job easier- without making a dent in your moving budget. The best part? You can use them even after you’re all moved in.

Moving blankets

You may think moving blankets are meant to be used to cover very expensive pieces of furniture, but these handy layers come in handy for wrapping fragile items like wall art and mirrors that cannot be boxed. Use with big rubber bands (see below) and you can protect odd-sized items that can’t be packed in a box. They’re also great for draping over tables, desks, sofas, etc. before placing boxes or other items on top. Moving blankets can vary greatly in thickness and price, so there’s something available for every budget. After the move use: Pet bedding, sporting events, beach blanket, camping uses.

Big rubber bands

As the name suggests, big rubber bands are oversized bands that stretch to close boxes, keep drawers and doors closed, and bundling items together. Unlike tape, they’re reusable and don’t leave a sticky film behind.

After the move use: Secure doors closed on boxes in storage, chests, toolboxes; hold outside doors open; secure garbage cans or tall boxes to a garage or shed wall.

Carton sizer

Need a smaller box but only bigger ones are left? (Packing tip: boxes should always be filled to capacity; a box that’s under-filled is more likely to be crushed.) A carton sizer makes it easy to reduce a box size to the dimensions you need.
After the move use: Resize boxes before shipping to cut down on postage costs.

Stretch wrap

Although it’s also called “mover’s wrap,” this stretchy wonder should not be limited to only professional movers use. It’s perfect for bundling smaller items to keep them together and make them easier to carry. But with no sticky, adhesive surface, it removed quickly and mess-free.
After the move use: bundle together seasonal items when you don’t need them: holiday decorations, summer toys, etc.; use to bundle together wires, cords or hoses when storing.

Moving straps

There are a few different types of moving straps on the market- TeamStrap, Shoulder Dolly, Forearm Forklift- but they all are designed similarly- to shift the item’s weight so it’s more evenly distributed to arms, shoulders and legs. This not only relieves pressure on the back and neck, but also frees up hands so you can gentle guide the item when walking.

After the move use: Rearranging furniture, moving out old appliances, lifting heavy garage or outdoor items: toolboxes, planter boxes, etc.

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    Comment by James Harrison@office movers: Aug 16, 2012 at 6:32 AM

    Moving is not a n easy task. And it could be expensive too. You should make good use of the resources available and plan well for moving. You need to hire professional home or office movers for your relocation.

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    Comment by Louise Harvey: Sep 2, 2012 at 8:26 AM

    Everything’s correct! People should know these after uses for them to be able to save and become really, really resourceful. I like the fact that moving blankets are the first on this list. Do you know that you can also use moving blankets (during the move) as a helpful base wherein you can slide on heavy furniture? You won’t have to carry them anymore to place it inside the house!

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