Modern Backyard Design

Modern Backyard Design

The main reason most homeowners look for backyard landscaping ideas is to add aesthetic beauty to the home. Typically, a backyard remodeling project will also work to give the area more functionality. Depending on the type of backyard landscaping that is completed, it can also add value to the home. While the aesthetic values may be the primary reason that a homeowner begins to plan such a project, adding various elements like special deck designs, swimming pools or outdoor lighting can also add monetary value to the dwelling. It is important to think beyond just adding plants and greenery to the area as there are many other elements involved in backyard landscaping projects.


Many homeowners are not sure where to begin when attempting to upgrade their backyard areas. The first step is to decide what type of purposes you want to accomplish in this area. You will want to include plants and greenery but remember that you are not limited to trees, grass and shrubs. There are many design elements that can help create an area for the desired purposes. Will the area be used for entertaining guests or backyard feasts? Perhaps you simply want a haven in which to escape the chaos of daily life; or think about adding a backyard pool with a customized deck design for fitness reasons as well as social purposes. Deciding the primary use of the area is the first step in a backyard remodeling project.

Landscape Features

After determining the main purpose for the backyard remodeling project, it will be relatively easy to decide what types of features are preferred. Deciding whether you are building a customized pool, a fire pit or an outdoor kitchen will help determine the deck design, exterior lighting fixtures and the types of plants that will work best in this outdoor area. The style and purpose can also help determine the type of exterior painting projects that will, or will not, be incorporated into the backyard remodeling project.

Elements of Landscaping

A modern landscape design will incorporate the right blend and balance of texture, line and shape. Inside the design should be some hard and some soft landscape elements blended together to create a perfect setting.  Walkways can provide lines which help determine the gaze of the eyes and greenery along walkways, pools or fountains can provide texture as well as color. The deck design, waterscapes or gardens can provide just the right amount of shape and texture to bring an aesthetic balance to the backyard area.

Outdoor lighting fixtures can bring necessary lighting for outdoor entertaining while the fixtures add to the overall design and décor for the area. Benches and other fixtures can help create a comfortable atmosphere to enjoy the scenery as well as provide additional seating for entertaining purposes.

Achieving Balance

No matter what type of backyard landscaping project is undertaken, it is important to bring all the features, fixtures and elements together to create one atmosphere. Landscaping elements and features should work together to achieve the desired goal. It is important to choose materials, plants and exterior painting colors so that they all blend together for the aesthetic appeal of the backyard area. This will ensure that the area will be enjoyed by everyone for many years to come.

This Guest post was written by Mark Simpson. 

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