Metal Roofing Comes to Rochester

Metal Roofing Comes to Rochester

Erie Construction has brought affordable metal roofing to Rochester homeowners. The stamped steel panels protect your home up to three times as long as a traditional asphalt shingle roof making an Erie Metal Roof the last roof you’ll ever buy.

Coming in a variety of styles and colors to fit your home’s color, architecture, and style, an Erie Metal Roof is designed for maximum protection and resistance to the elements. An Erie Metal Roof is tested to withstand up to 120mph winds and are class 4 impact resistant. This means guaranteed protection for your home even in the most extreme climates.

Each panel is meticulously designed for strength and longevity and manufactured out of hardened, industrial strength steel, then coated with a zinc-aluminum barrier to protect against oxidation. A layer of acrylic resin shields the panels from UV rays to maintain its color throughout as it ages, and a final glaze on the panels bonds a stone coating and ensures that the roof is non-porous, freeze and thaw resistant.

This precision manufacturing process creates panels in a variety of styles and colors while ensuring uniform performance standards. Each roof is built to last.

Professional Installation with a Company You Can Trust.

While Erie’s revolutionary approach is breaking out in the Rochester Metal Roofing market, the 35 year old company has installed thousands on Midwestern homes with resounding success. Homeowners are investing in metal roofing despite the initial costs being higher than traditional asphalt roofs, and that’s because they save money over the long term. Traditional roofing products need replacing every 10 – 15 years while a comparable metal roof can last up to three times as long, 40-50 years. The cost savings are clear. Reroof once with an Erie Metal Roof, and it will be the last roof you’ll ever buy!


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