Making The Most Of Your Bathroom

Making The Most Of Your Bathroom

Bathrooms used to always be thought of as the smallest room in the house, just there for function and not for fun. However, people today want a bathroom that offers more than just function; they want to be able to come home from a rough day at the office and spend some time in there just pampering themselves – either it’s a hot bath or just simply a nice and refreshing shower. It makes such a big difference if your home offers a welcoming and beautiful bathroom.

However, the bathroom might also be the hardest room to refurbish. This is not a room that should not only appeal to you, but also your family and potential house guests. Therefore you should try to pick out a theme that you think would appeal to the rest of your household, but remember to also put some of your own personal touch to it. Here are some guidelines on what to think about when refitting your bathroom.

Pick a feature for your bathroom

If you have one design item, you can fit the rest of the bathroom around it. This might be a fantastic mirror or a really unusually shaped washbasin. Perhaps you’ll place the bath in the middle of the room or maybe have a walk in shower unit fitted with one of the best showers money can buy.

Try a bath before you buy it

You may feel a bit silly, but it’s best to get it and lie down in any bath you’re thinking about buying. Make sure you have enough room to lie down comfortably; pay close attention to how your neck and back feel when you’re in there. Tap position is also important – especially if there might be times when there are two of you in the bath.

Be sure to make the right flooring choice

You should choose flooring that is durable and water-resistant. Great materials for bathroom floors include ceramic, marble and stone tiles and you could also get under floor heating installed before the flooring to give that ambient warmth year round. It’s also possible to use wooden flooring, but you’ll need to make sure it is fitted well and sealed to provide water-resistance.

Choose big mirrors

Choose a big beautiful mirror to add a feeling of space through the extra light and reflections it creates. You’ll also need to make sure you have a shaving mirror and a make-up mirror for working on details like mascaras and eye-shadow!

Separate your shower from the bath

By having a separate unit for the shower, you create an easy-to-use shower for people who find it hard to climb in and out of the bath. This is a great bonus when you have older relatives come to stay. You may want an open shower area that doesn’t have a door or curtain, but make sure that the drainage is well thought out and that you have an adequate way of confining the spray. Mira showers come in a range of different styles and can provide just the power you need for optimal showering satisfaction. The higher you place the showerhead, the fewer splash problems you will have.

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    Comment by Leo@Accountant Salary: Sep 22, 2012 at 1:15 AM

    I agree that big mirrors can maximize the light and feeling of space in your bathroom. Just be careful about getting frameless wall-to-wall mirrors because that look went out a decade or two ago because of its institutional look. Instead, try to find the biggest framed mirror that you can.

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