Light up your landscaping and your world

Light up your landscaping and your world

It’s now mid-2012, and summer is scalding. Are you ready to host company? What better way to show off your gorgeous garden than to light up your landscaping? Enhance the colors found in your garden blooms with red lights for tulips or yellow lights for daffodils, or add complementary colors, like orange, to boost the appearance of floral variety. Perhaps, you like to change your landscaping mood by adding cool blues and purples to harmonize with the green grass, bushes and shrubs. There are endless options for your outdoor lighting color schemes!

Don’t let the fun end when the sun sets! Light up your landscaping by providing your guests with extra visibility, and turn those memorable summer days in to memorable summer nights.

What about that special landscaped patch where you really put in some extra effort? Use bright spotlight lighting to illuminate gorgeous ponds, bird baths, and centerpieces. Consider dim area lighting to illuminate your areas of Zen to make your benches, waterfalls, and trails softly sparkle.

Lighting can be used year-round, to highlight the gorgeous features within your landscaping, as well as to provide safety and visibility for all your guests. Adding beautiful lighting in landscaping is comparable to smearing decorative icing on a cupcake. It’s bright, colorful, and significantly enhances the flavor.

Throughout the year, outdoor lighting makes your property shine, keeping it friendly and inviting. Lighting fixtures, such as a traditional lamp post, makes one think of heavy, iron, old-fashioned gas lanterns, featuring thick glass and scrollwork details. Similarly, a solid lamp post can brighten your grasses, and serve as a stand-out fixture, reminiscent of charming architecture style.

Interested in more modern-day lighting? Fixtures on external walls can open up a deck area. Lights at the bottom of your pool can create a glistening effect from below. Ponds can be made prominent with flood lights, pathway lights, or maybe even bollard lights. Bollard lights are commonly used as posts for the ropes of docking boots, which means that their luminosity can call attention to your driveway. This can be incredibly useful in private areas which are typically not well lit. A bollard light can also protect your property lines, by bordering your lawns and preventing cars from driving on to your land.

More intimate options use less electricity, and provide a more friendly and cherished mood to your landscaping. For this disposition, aim for lower voltage lighting, and a lesser amount of fixtures in total, to keep your landscaping visible, but dim. For fixtures with a classic touch, consider lighting with an antique finish, such as copper, nickel, bronze, aluminum, or even stainless steel. Class fixtures can even be shaped in forms like a tree, according to your preference.

Regardless of what choices you make, remember that lighting will only compliment and enhance all the hard work you’ve put in to your landscaping! Be proud of your work, yet lessen the need to verbally show off all the fine details! Let the lights speak for you, as the attention of your guests is drawn to your beautiful particulars. Let them see things from another side or angle, or bring attention to a lesser recognized corner. Have fun and play around with your lighting, color, and fixture options!

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