Koa Wood Bowls, How to Add Traditional Hawaiian Style

Koa Wood Bowls, How to Add Traditional Hawaiian Style

Hawaii is one of the most special places in the world. People are drawn there because of the dramatically beautiful connections the Islands have with nature. The naturally occurring colors, textures and graceful designs found in Hawaii are often emulated in home décor designs. Traditional Hawaiian style has long been a favored décor style. Relying upon Hawaii’s affinity with nature to provide inspiration is a sure way to create a stunning effect.

The key element of the traditional Hawaiian style home interior is the integration of beauty, function and comfort. Capturing traditional Hawaiian styles involves engaging the tactile sensations of texture and combining them with aesthetic beauty of nature.

One of the outstanding sensations of being in Hawaii is the tendency of one to engage all of his or her senses when interacting with the nature found there. The azure Pacific rolling across the white sand beaches can inspire home color palettes. The grasses and forests can inspire carpets and accessories. The volcanoes can inspire a quiet, but boldly energetic ambiance.

Wood plays an important role in the traditional Hawaiian lifestyle. Thus it plays as important a role in recreating the traditional Hawaiian style in home interiors. Koa wood comes from fast growing trees that grow only in Hawaii. These trees are capable of growing more than 6’ in diameter and 100’ tall within a time span of 6 years. However, since this is such a beautiful wood, it is quite high in demand. Therefore, finding trees of that stature is rare.

In past centuries, Hawaiian natives used koa wood to carve their canoes. Today, however, it is used more for woodworking and creating beautiful furnishings and accessories for the home. The wood ranges in color from light brown, to red to dark brown. The distinctive curly grain makes gives it a unique look that is in high demand. Koa calabash bowls are popular decorating items that are also functional. The addition of koa wood bowls to a traditional Hawaiian style home serves to add a warm, welcoming appeal.

There are many varieties of koa bowls that can be used to add authentic touches of Hawaii to any home interior. The natural edge bowls have an interesting organic appearance that can add interest in a subtle way. Alternatively, one can choose smooth-edged koa bowls in a wide array of sizes and shapes. Larger bowls sitting alone on a surface look beautiful. However, groupings of small bowls in various shapes and sizes can add a more dramatic look.

It is important to choose koa wood bowls that are made of the highest quality koa wood. The higher the quality of the wood, the more brilliant the patterns of the grain it has. Each bowl that has been crafted from high quality koa wood can stand alone as a work of art. It is also important to choose bowls that have been crafted of koa wood that has been properly kiln dried. This will make the difference between a bowl that eventually cracks and one that will retain its luster and shape for decades.

Koa wood bowls fit in quite well with other traditional Hawaiian décor items such as grass cloth, bamboo, tropical floral arrangements and fabric prints. They can also help carry the look of the popular koa wood furniture across a room. For example, if a koa wood bench is strategically placed in one part of a room, a koa wood bowl or two in other locations can add a cohesive effect and tie the look together. This helps capture the classic traditional Hawaiian style in a remarkably beautiful way.

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