Interior Design Tips for 2012

Interior Design Tips for 2012

Keeping your interior spaces stylish and on trend can be hard work but it’s also a labour of love. Finding those subtle stylistic touches that update a room of complete a look is all part of the fun and excitement of interior design.

Each new season brings its own trends and fashions – some transient, others more classic and longer lasting – here’s a quick look at some of the most stylish features to be appearing in our homes at the moment.

Luggage Inspired Furniture

Reminiscent of a storage room in a posh 1920s train stations, or of something out of an Agatha Christie novel, the most fashionable homes are currently being invaded by trunks, packing cases and other luggage items. This isn’t a symptom of families becoming nomadic following the recession; instead it’s representative of a new retro fashion trend.

Pieces of furniture inspired by retro travel cases and luggage are becoming increasingly hot property amongst style-savvy designers and interior enthusiasts. Couches and sofas constructed in a luggage-esque style are ideal for adding a tasteful but subtly quirky retro touch to a sitting room or study.

Of course, it you would prefer to leave the packing cases where they are, investing in some retro luggage cases in place of your standard, modern storage options is a wonderfully practical way of conjuring up the essence of La Belle Époque.


Pastels – the essence of light and air distilled into pure colour – are your antidote to heavy, claustrophobia-inducing shades and textures. Pale pastel greens and blues, offset with borders of white and soft, light and airy fabrics, are ideal for bringing a summer meadow into your living space without having to worry about the mess.

Thin muslin blinds provide privacy while bathing your interior in gentle, natural light. Colour co-ordinated furniture coverings and ornaments also enhance the pastel theme throughout the space.

As pastels are very subtle by nature, they allow layers of colour to be gradually built up. Try laying gradually lightening shades of fabric upon on another, creating unique combinations of color and texture.

Soft Furnishings

It’s all about the attention to detail in 2012. Incidental cushions trimmed with brocade, high thread count fabrics, sacking and towelling; all these features do the job in terms of adding sophistication and finery to your interior.

Use brocade, tassels and other baroque elements to add a touch of subtle glamour to an otherwise understated interior. While such features have become clichéd if used as a garish signature or finish to a room, subtler use has not gone out of style. As I mentioned, it’s all about the attention to detail; dropping in little stylistic treats like this is one way to impress visitors to one of your rooms. A sophisticated finish or trim can make all the difference between a pretty but plain interior and a truly spellbinding one that keeps offering up new surprises.

John Burns is freelance journalist and writer living in Fulham in West London. John graduated from a journalism post-graduate qualification in 2010 and has been plying his trade as a writer ever since.


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    Comment by Arun: Aug 31, 2012 at 1:21 PM

    I recently saw a hotel that had an assortiment of classic old wooden luggage piled up on the wall. They even had stickers and logos printed on it, which made it look more genuine. The effect was quite good, giving a rustic feel to the room!

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    Comment by Elaine Salt@Minneapolis Property Management: Oct 5, 2012 at 2:51 AM

    Adding pastel colors and design in the interiors of your home can make it look more vibrant, fresh and more comfortable to live in.

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