Ideas to increase the value of your home

Ideas to increase the value of your home

If you are selling, accommodating a new family or thinking of what will be left to your children once you leave, adding value to your home is always going to be a worthwhile endeavor. One way of making money is to acquire items of value, and another way to make money is to add more value to what you already have. The home, is without a doubt the most valuable asset in your arsenal and so today we are going to go through ways that you can increase the value of your home.


Any form of extension to a home will increase its value because it will increase the level of space that is available. So whether you are thinking of a small extra room, a loft conversion, or a conservatory, you can be sure that you will add value to your home. In spite of the average cost of extending, a well chosen and well designed extension will more than make your investment back in the form of value added to your home, and so if you are extending your home for the purpose of adding value, make sure whatever you do is well thought through and well done. Cheap, low cost or poorly done extensions can end up costing you.


If you have a beautiful open space at the back and or front of your home, beautifying it can add a great deal of value to your home. Gardens are particularly coveted by families with children who are happy to pay extra for a ready made garden, rather than buy a home with a load of rubble at the front and back that they will have to spend thousands renovating. If you do have an outdoor space to your home, a well manicured garden will show off fertile soil, space and provide a nice imaginative space for prospective buyers to fantasize over whilst they are home shopping.

Redecorating and modernizing

Redecorating and modernizing your home will add value to it, as an old fashioned and dated home will require a great deal of renovation to be customized to a buyers needs and that will require investment on their part. Updating and upgrading your home will add a great deal of value by reducing any costs an investor will have to add once the purchase is complete, giving buyers an instant short cut to the home they want.

Checks and permissions

Another way to add value to your home is to acquire any planning permissions and electric and gas safety checks for your home, and again, this works by reducing the level of time, effort and cost any buyers will have to go through to make renovations. A three bedroom home that already has planning permission for a loft conversion will be perceived as more valuable than a three bedroom home without, so whether your buyers want to extend or not, knowing that they can will raise the value of your property in their eyes.

Ben writes about home improvements and loves to renovate his own home. He currently writes for a Guernsey property company who are experts in increasing your homes value.

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