How Underfloor Heating Can Save You Money

How Underfloor Heating Can Save You Money

There are many ways that choosing underfloor heating over traditional heating systems can save you money. Maintenance costs, energy efficiency and even house-work are all involved in the many ways that installing underfloor heating can help you economize and reduce your heating costs.


For example, once installed, an underfloor heating system will operate at a much lower temperature than a traditional radiator. Where conventional radiator systems operate in excess of 70°c, an underfloor heating system will run at 40°c, which is clearly much cheaper to generate.


The nature of the heat itself generated by underfloor heating also means that a rooms’ thermostats can be reduced by 1-2°c compared to that of a wall-mounted radiator. With underfloor heating, the warmth is where you want it the moment it’s turned on; rising upwards into the room as opposed to standard heating systems which tend to give out more heat toward the ceiling.


Underfloor heating can also function at very low flow temperatures, making sure that any condensing boiler will work much more economically when used in conjunction with underfloor heating. On top of this, a condensing boiler will work for longer in condensing mode when used with underfloor heating as opposed to traditional radiator systems, which means the savings are two-fold.


There are even advantages which list money saving as a secondary benefit. For example, improving a room’s general hygiene by discouraging dust mites from living in the carpets can reduce expensive cleaning or treatment costs. Or in economizing the time and effort spent drying wet bathroom floors (which happens of its own accord with underfloor heating), which frees up time that could be better spent elsewhere. We all know the old adage that ‘time is money’ is as true as it is clichéd! Still in the bathroom, underfloor heating can reduce the general noise level of creaking and groaning caused by conventional copper pipes, which can in turn reduce the maintenance bills of a property


Lastly, the way underfloor heating is designed allows it to function efficiently when used in conjunction with renewable energy heating sources like heat pumps. The lower the flow temperature that can be used with a heat pump, the higher the performance. This makes underfloor heating the perfect accompaniment to renewable energy heating sources. The lower water temperature needed to run underfloor heating systems guarantees the best possible performance with a heat pump.


The above is by no means an exhaustive list of reasons that underfloor heating is such a cost-effective alternative to conventional heaters but it does go some way to demonstrating some of the factors that are helping underfloor heating’s continued growth in popularity.


Underfloor Heating Systems offer high quality warm water underfloor heating systems, drawing on years of experience to select the best products available on the market.


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    Comment by Sandra Parker@ hvac new orleans: Jun 13, 2012 at 2:39 PM

    I must agree that underfloor heating method is a more cost-efficient alternative compared to wall-mounts. Energy is also efficiently consumed as there is a temperature control feature available for every area of the house.

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