How to Choose the Right Lighting Fixtures for Your Bathroom

How to Choose the Right Lighting Fixtures for Your Bathroom

Tips on how to design your home interior are always handy to have as they help you see things from another angle and consider colors and fixtures that you might not normally have. At the end of the day the best way of decorating and arranging your home is by creating your own unique interior that suits your needs and that offers complete convenience of use.

Most people are keen to make over rooms such as the bedrooms and living rooms, however, bathrooms can be somewhat neglected as they usually require more than just a coat of new paint and a set of new cushions to create a fresh look. Nonetheless, the interior of your bathroom is very important because it’s the place in your home where you can enjoy relaxing and refreshing yourself with a soothing hot shower or bath. Selecting the bath, shower and vanity units are major pieces in the bathroom that will affect the overall design and therefore they receive a lot of time and attention. However, once your bathroom has the main furniture in place the finishing touches are what can make the difference between a bathroom that has that wow factor and one that doesn’t.

Lighting is one of the elements that can really make a strong impact in the overall final look and feel of the space. Good lighting arrangements in the bathroom not only offer an aesthetically pleasing affect, they also make many tasks enjoyable and accomplished with ease. Without proper lighting, tasks such as applying makeup, shaving or even having showers are made more difficult. By installing an array of lighting options you will have all the lighting you need for the various activities you perform in the bathroom.

So how do you choose the right lighting fixtures for your bathroom? Here are some tips that will help you achieve amazing lighting for all your bathing needs.

There are two important things that a bathroom should have in regard to lighting fixtures. Firstly, you need an ample amount of light sources and secondly, the light sources should be placed in such a way that they throw light to the areas that you specifically need it such as the mirror.

With so many lighting fixtures on offer it can be easy to get confused. Choose fixtures that complement the overall feel of your bathroom. For contemporary styles look for soft lighting effects and for a more dramatic look choose fixtures with copper or bronze finishes. Chrome is an all-time favorite and will work well with most interiors.

Placing lights above the vanity mirror and either side of it will offer excellent lighting for those more intricate tasks such as applying makeup. Recessed lights are lovely but don’t make these the primary light source in the room.

For those relaxing sessions in the bath have dimmer switches installed so that you can adjust the lighting in the room – it will make all the difference. Dimmers work well also with under cabinet lighting for a warm and inviting aesthetic for guests who are visiting in the evening.

Finally, seeking advice from a lighting specialist will ensure you achieve the effect you’re aiming for in your bathroom. Be sure to share with the specialist the size of the room, the color scheme and the various affects you hope to create in the room. That way you will be happy with the final result and will enjoy your bathroom for the longest time.

Author Bio: Tauseef Hussain is a media blogger and writes on modern bathroom fittings subject such as Mira Electric showers and etc. You can follow him on Twitter @usef4u.

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