How To Build Your Own Kitchen Cupboards

How To Build Your Own Kitchen Cupboards

Cupboards are the cabinets that are used in a kitchen for storage. If you are planning an upgrade to your kitchen, you may want to make your own cupboard. To do this you need to consider various factors that are needed for a successful project.

One of the first options that you need to consider is the type of material to use for the cupboard. A basic option to use for kitchen cupboards is wood. Many types of wood may be used to build s cupboard such as cherry, birch and maple. You can find wood to use at any home improvement store.

Measure the wall for your cupboards with a tape measure and mark the wall with the pencil. This is the outline where you will install the cupboard on the wall. Make a note of the measurements to use for the cupboard. You will need the height, the width and the depth.

Go to a home improvement store or even a lumber yard to find your wood. Some wood is available in a sheet form or boards that you will need to cut. A cupboard is essentially a box and will need to be made from five pieces of wood. You will also need to add a shelf.

Use your measurements for the width, height and depth of the cupboard to mark cut lines on your wood boards. Cut the wood board to the required size with a circular saw or a table saw. You can also see if a home improvement store or lumber yard can cut the wood to the size you need. A piece of wood will be needed for the back of the cupboard and a shelf as well.

Sand the cut edges of the wood boards smooth with a sanding block. All sides of this wood will need to be smooth. Assemble the cut pieces for the sides, the top and the bottom together to form the shape of a cupboard. Apply wood glue to the top and bottom edges of the side pieces. Secure the wood together by using clamps.

Nails can be used as extra support for the cabinet. The type of nail used in kitchen cupboards needs to be a finish nail. Drive nails every four inches down each edge of the cupboard with a nail gun or you may need specialist fasteners or fixtures depending on the types of materials you are using and the complexity of angles your cupboard has, not all cupboards are squares. Let all the glue dry and the nails settle into position and take off the clamps as they are no longer needed.

Measure the width and height of the completed box with your tape measure. Cut a piece of wood to this size for the back. Apply wood around the perimeter of one side. Set the wood on the box and then drive nails into the wood to secure in place.

Measure the inside width and inside depth of the cupboard with the tape measure. A piece of wood will need to be cut for the shelf. Measure the sides of the cupboard and mark the location where you want to have the shelf. Apply wood glue to the sides and to back of the shelf and then insert it in the box. Drive nails into the wood to secure the shelf, it is always better to have the extra reassurance of using glue and fasteners or nails.

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