Home Automation: Not Just for The Jetsons Anymore

Home Automation: Not Just for The Jetsons Anymore

You remember The Jetsons; the animated space age family created by Hanna Barbera Productions, originally aired in 1962, but can still be found in syndication. Their captivating and humorous futuristic push button home was set a hundred years in the future where Rosey the robotic maid assisted the family with chores already over simplified by devices. Home automation was only a cartoon dream back then, but today it has become a prized reality.

There are a number of good reasons to automate your home.

  • Convenience – Home automation takes repetitive tasks around the house such as switching on or off lights and operates them with just the push of a button. You can automate all the lights in your home or a select few. You can set the system to control specific lights according to a regular schedule and easily override the system whenever you like.
  • Utility Savings – Save money and natural energy resources at the same time with a home automation system. An automated home can save you a small fortune in utility bills by turning off lights and appliances when they are not in use, lowering room heating and cooling thermostats at certain times, and even decreasing the temperature settings on water heaters during low use hours.
  • Security and Safety – Motion sensors can turn lights on anywhere. You can place them to detect movement outdoors in the yard, in the garage, or inside the house. You may want automatic lighting in specific rooms or over stairways to help family members avoid tripping or falling accidents. Home automation can also provide security alarms to circumvent uninvited intruders from entering your home.
  • Surveillance – There is no longer any need to wonder if everything is okay when you are away from home. The technology today has advanced to the point where it is easy to look in on your home or children from anywhere in the world. With video cameras, an Internet connection, and a PC or web supported cell phone you can check in on your home anytime you like.
  • Entertainment – An automated home would not be complete without a home theatre system. The technology is amazing that will readily enhance your family’s listening and viewing preferences to advanced levels right there in your own home. A good home theatre system can be as simple or high-tech and custom as you like because the options are virtually endless.
  • Family Learning – It is understood in the world today that technology is here to stay and it presents a real learning experience for the entire family. Children are growing up in a time in which it is to their advantage to have an early awareness of and continually gain knowledge into the technological field. Home automation projects provide a wonderful opportunity for the entire family to discover and learn together.
  • Home automation opens countless possibilities. There is a vast amount of information and resources available to help you decide the best solutions for your household. Once you get started in home automation you will want to keep exploring the technology. You may find yourself one day living a life of ease that you thought was only for the likes of The Jetsons.

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      Comment by Home automation in Ireland: Jul 25, 2012 at 1:19 AM

      I would like to add one more feature that currently various moisture sensors are available which can be incorporated into the system to water the lawn only when it is needed. It may help in water conservation.

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