Get The Most Out Of Your Garden With These Five Great Uses For Sheds

Get The Most Out Of Your Garden With These Five Great Uses For Sheds

Sheds are traditionally used for storage, keeping all your gardening equipment in one dry, safe place. While they are still great places to store the extra garden tools and seeds for next year, garden sheds are gradually assuming other roles. From a place to escape to a place for noisy kids, sheds aren’t just for junk anymore.

The Escape
Americans call it the Man-Cave and the Brits call it the shed, but whatever it’s name it provides a much needed escape. Whether it’s the rush and insanity of a busy family or the constant ringing of the telephone, the shed provides a place where blokes can go to simply relax. Keep a radio in the shed for listening to music for a truly refreshing experience.

A Little Sneaky
Everybody has some little guilty pleasure, and the wives won’t always let their hubbies enjoy those guilty pleasures. Take a stroll out the shed under the pretense of working on a bird house and take advantage of the moment to enjoy your favorite cigar in peace and quiet. Even if you’re not a smoker, the shed can be the perfect spot to sit and enjoy your favorite magazine or book. Sneak the laptop out there to sit and chill while playing computer games. Whatever you’re doing out there, you’ll be doing it in peace and quiet, without the children screaming or the wife calling out a honey-do list.

Hobbies are great, but there’s not always enough space for them in the house. If you love working on electronics or just can’t wait to build the next piece of furniture for the home, you need someplace to work on the hobby. Construct a shed and dedicate it to your own private passion. The family will enjoy having all your hobby-related items out of the house and you can take advantage of the time spent working on your hobby to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Extra Living Space
It is possible to turn that shed into extra living space. While you may not be able to move in permanently, it can be turned into an impressive hangout for the kids to enjoy, leaving you to the peace and quiet of the more comfortable house. Add some insulation for warmth and electricity and you have the potential for a true home-away-from-home. Be sure to consider adding some way to heat your shed for an extra space that can be used throughout the year.

Sheds are ideal not only as places of solitude, but also for maintaining the solitude in your home. If your son is convinced he’s the next Sir Elton John but his crooning is about to make you scream, convert the shed to a studio. He can then go out there to sing or scream while you can enjoy the peace and quiet indoors. On the other hand, if you long to paint or write, but can’t because of the chaos inside, you can take your creative genius to the peace and quiet offered by the garden shed.

Regardless of the use you are planning for your shed, you are sure to enjoy having the extra space available to you. Call it what you will, a shed is always a welcome addition to the property and a benefit to the entire family.

This was a guest article from Tiger Sheds. Specialists in both wooden and plastic sheds.

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