Furniture Packages vs. Bespoke Design

Furniture Packages vs. Bespoke Design

Finally, there is a solution for landlords who are looking to furnish their properties in a stylish yet cost effective way.  Furniture packages could be the ultimate solution for buy-to-let owners, but is it really better than bespoke design?

Bespoke interior design is great, especially when you are looking to imprint your personality on your own property.  But are furniture packages an easier, faster and cheaper solution?

The Benefits of Furniture Packages

Furniture packages are great alternatives to bespoke furniture selection and design, and with the right furniture company, they can be of the finest quality, allowing landlords, property developers or home owners to use the furniture set in more than one property.

For landlords looking to create a warm, inviting and trendy environment for potential tenants, furniture packages are a convenient and hassle free choice.  Not only can is save time, but there are many long lasting benefits over selecting each piece separately.

Benefits of furniture packages:

1.       Flexible – furniture packages can be used in more than one property and this can be extremely beneficial or both first time buyers and landlords who have more than one property to furnish.

2.       Stylish – for those who are creatively challenged, furniture package provide a comprehensive solution which takes care of all colour mixing, themes and furniture matching.

3.       Neutral – packages like these can often provide you with a blank canvas which allows homeowners or tenants to add their own possessions and art pieces for personality and ownership.  These packages can provide a blank canvas which is why it works so well in rented accommodation.

4.       Cost effective – not only can ready-made packages save you time, but it can save you a lot of money.  It brings everything together in one easy collection so you can easily set up without the additional costs of separate delivery charges or petrol charges.

5.       Save time – there’s no need to shop around for each individual furniture piece with ready-made sets.  For property developers and landlords, having complete sets of furniture can speed up the process especially when there is a short time frame between renovation and tenants moving in.  If there are tenants moving into a property very soon, landlords are able to quickly furnish the house / apartment quickly without the usual hassles.

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Bespoke Design or Furniture Sets?

Bespoke design is great but when you don’t have the time, ready-made furniture packages can give you a stylish alternative.  Bespoke design is ideal for restyling your own home when you have time to create something you love, and they are also preferable for a permanent basis.  But if you are a first time buyer, you’re unsure of how long you’re going to be in the property, or you are furnishing buy-to-let properties, you’ll find a world of ready-made style and elegance with furniture packages.

Furniture packages from the right manufacturer and designer are made the highest standard, so choosing the right company for your furniture package is important.  A good service usually includes delivery and installation so you can really enjoy a stress-free way to furnish your property.



David Phillips is a designer furniture company offering furniture packages at all levels to suit all budgets.  Take a look at the different furniture packages online and get next day delivery and fast installation.

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