Feel the Power of Window Treatments

Feel the Power of Window Treatments

Windows allow the rooms in your home to appear bright and inviting. Curtains, draperies, shades or other types of window treatments make a statement about your personal style and play a vital role in design success. Keeping up with the latest trends in window treatments can keep a room fresh and inviting.

The role of window treatments is powerful in any room of your home. The perfect window treatment creates interest without demanding too much attention while the wrong window treatment causes design issues ranging from minor problems to major dysfunction. When you want a new look in your great room, changing out accessories and window treatments can transform a tired boring room into a warm and welcoming space. Before you make any firm decisions, remove any fabric or hardware from the windows in the room. Bare windows will help you create a mental image of possible outcomes.

Considering green trends and an interest in sustainable design, some of the most popular window treatments involve natural organic products. Bamboo and other wood grains are used in new designs for woven shades. Texture accents, a range of color variations in the wood and the tightness of the weave all influence the amount of diffused light flowing into the room. Of course, using wood in window treatments isn’t a ground-breaking idea. Wood blinds have been popular for a few decades. The newest ideas transfer wood into popular styles like Roman shades. Choosing a color, texture and style for a window shade can add enough interest to create a finished look when the shade is lowered. Raising the shade allows natural light without hiding part of the window with unnecessary fabric.

If a window shade design is too simple, you can opt for more traditional curtain panels. Keep the design fresh by choosing a lightweight fabric in a bright color. The impact of stylish new curtains, curtain rods and hardware will be lost if you opt for a drab heavy color. Creating window treatments by repurposing other items continues to be a design trend. For instance, table runners, head scarves, or long pieces of sleek satin or a billowing chiffon, tied off at the top corner of a window can make an impressive window treatment. Antique lace or other unique materials can create a more intimate environment.

When it comes to updating window treatments in your home, you are only limited by your imagination. Whether you hire a designer to handle every detail or you create an original design, changing window treatments can make a personal style statement and update a room at the same time.


Authors Bio: Rigette Saycon is regular writer for NC Design Online, North Carolina’s premiere resource guide for interior design and home décor.

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