Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation

Erie Construction Mid West wants to help you save money in all aspects of home improvement. If you buy new insulation, roofing, or windows, you can become eligible for a tax break from Uncle Sam. Our company will take all the appropriate measures to make sure you qualify. The rising of energy bills has caused some people to try to find ways to conserve energy. Let us help you save money on your energy bill!

Back in 2005, the Energy Star reported that the Energy Policy Act of 2005 established tax credits for being energy efficient. The bill was signed by President Bush on August 8, 2005. Home builders may earn a $2,000 tax credit for a new home that saves 50% of heating and cooling energy over the 2004 IECC (International Energy Conservation Code) and supplements. At least 1/5 of that savings must be the result of building envelope improvements. A credit of $1,000 is available for a 30% savings under the terms listed above, with 1/3 coming from building envelope improvements. The homes must be built or produced between January 1, 2005 and December 31, 2007 in order to be qualified for the tax break.

This applies to homeowners as well, visit for complete details on the tax credit you can receive. These projects must be completed during the same two-year period as the home builders above. Credits for homeowners cannot exceed $500 during the two year period. This really becomes a win-win situation for the homeowner, you not only save on your energy bill but you save money on your taxes as well! How can you not like that? We, hear at Erie Construction Mid West, are striving to give our viewers every possible resource in saving money on their home.

You may wonder how you can conserve energy and lower your monthly bill, well don’t be in the dark any longer. We have all the resources necessary to make your house the most energy efficient house on the block! With the help of Doug Rye ( ) and our excellent staff here at the Erie Construction Mid West, we will make sure you know everything you need to know to conserve energy and save money.

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