Easy-To-Do Tips To Glamourise Your Bedroom

Easy-To-Do Tips To Glamourise Your Bedroom

Glamourising the bedroom? Holy cow!

The thought may surprise you. You room has already got it all: pastel coloured walls; floor tiling; cream wooden venetians; floral-printed drapes and an artificial potted plant in the corner. Then, what else it is that has to be done to uplift the room decor?

Wait please. Look. Is this actually enough? Cannot more be done to jazz up the place where you get to relax after a long tiring day at office (or, say at shopping)?

Bedroom is usually not given due attention whilst renovating or decorating the entire home – it is often the living room, rather. Now, no doubt, living room does deserve top attention. After all it is the first room visitors walk into or it is the room that everybody sees the moment they enter into home. But, does this mean that you should not pay any consideration to your bedroom? No ways! How could you imagine of having a good, tight sleep if your room is not cosy enough?

Thus, follow these easy-to-do tips and get your ‘personal space’ glamourised.

Start with selecting colour theme: Keep the size of the room whilst selecting the colour theme in your mind. If your room is small, you may go for light colours whereas if it is large, you can opt for darker colours. Also take into consideration if you want your room to look romantic, cosy, passionate or just sophisticated. Each colour is linked with certain emotion and feel, for an example red is associated to love and green to tranquillity.

Lighting is the next: Lighting is another thing that may affect your overall mood and thus has to be installed intelligently. The lighting in the bedroom should be not very bright as it is the room where you may like to enjoy a sound nap, but, on the very other hand, it has to be bright too! The room is where you start your day or say, you might need to search your car keys under the drawer. Thus, make sure you get a chandelier to lighten up the room and compliment your decor theme.

Furnishings are as important: Rather going for those boring blue sheets do get some decently designed bedroom furnishings in variety of colours: from sober to vibrant, ravishing. The final selection will play a very important role in enhancement of any type of decor.

Accessorising the bedroom: Add few small things to the room – a vase full of fresh flowers and a cute sparkly lamp beside your bed, a dark colour wooden or metallic coat stand next to the wardrobe, a valued antique piece (one-of-a-kind-treasure) on the top of a tall piece of furniture like bookshelf. You could as well put up a larger mirror on the opposite side of the room to create an effect of bigger room. Or, just decorate the walls with abstract paintings.

Add scents – fragrancitise your room: Finally add delicate home fragrances to the room. Get some decently scented candles, potpourri, burning incense or room freshener for your bedroom. Spray the freshener onto the bed before sleep and there you are! All set to enjoy a lavish sleep – you deserve it.

Author Bio: Ruby Tyagi is an experienced guest author. She consistently writes for various topics including home decor; good housekeeping; garden and health and lifestyle topics.

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    Comment by Liz@Shop Cocktail Dresses: Aug 17, 2012 at 3:10 PM

    My bedroom is my only personal space!.After working 8 hours and going to college for another 3 hours make me tired and my bedroom is the place that gives me all the comfort and freedom I want. I love when my room smells like fresh roses. I have a wall with Birthday cards, greeting cards, little love notes and pictures attach on it! I love it!!

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