DIY Methods to Eliminate Bed Bugs from Your Home

DIY Methods to Eliminate Bed Bugs from Your Home

Though bed bugs may have a stigma of being present in unsanitary conditions, the fact is they can be found in even the cleanest of residences. They can be difficult to get rid of, but hiring an exterminator can be expensive. For those who prefer to eradicate the pests on their own, there are several do-it-yourself tips to keep in mind.

The ease at which long distances can be traveled has helped lead to the rise in occurrences of bed bugs. They are able to hide in luggage without being seen and once brought home they will set up new nests there. Below are some strategies to employ when trying to combat them without the aid of an exterminator.
Tackling an infestation

  • Bed bugs are susceptible to extremes of heat and cold so use a steam cleaner to kill them in areas where they may be hiding. Be sure to steam in the folds of mattresses or other furniture, along cracks in the baseboards, behind hanging picture frames and in the carpeting.
  • Eliminate clutter, including piles of clothes or papers that the bugs could use as additional hiding places.
  • Wash all bedding as soon as signs of an infestation are discovered. Wash and dry on the hottest settings possible.
  • Sprinkle diatomaceous earth on carpet and around furniture. This substance seems powdery to humans but on a microscopic level it can pierce the shells of the bugs, causing them to become dehydrated and die.
  • Place glue boards near the legs of beds to trap the insects at night.
  • Vacuum the carpet, bedding and furniture often. Be sure to immediately empty the bag into a receptacle located outside and seal the bag.

Avoiding a recurrence

Once a bed bug infestation has been eliminated, it is important to take steps to avoid having it happen again.

  • When traveling, inspect luggage and clothing for any signs of beg bugs. Also look around the room for evidence of their existence, especially dark red stains on bedding. Upon the return home, immediately launder clothing on the highest setting possible, even if signs of an infestation were not discovered.
  • Be sure to inspect any second hand furniture before bringing it into the home. If the furniture is upholstered, be sure to look in the folds.
  • Frequently wash and dry reusable shopping bags.
  • Periodically check bedding, upholstered furniture and cracks and crevices to make sure the pests have not come back.

Bed bugs are making a comeback because many people are unaware of them and their habits. While getting rid of an infestation without hiring an exterminator may take a considerable amount of time and effort, it can be worth it for the savings. Once the pests have been eliminated, it is important to take the necessary steps to prevent them from coming back.
Guest author Karen Barnes writes for, which has lot of DIY tips for dealing with an infestation, as well as a bed bug picture section to help you identify these nasty pests.


  1. one
    Comment by Phil: May 18, 2012 at 2:35 AM

    looking at the pictures .. bites from the bedbugs.. i concluded now that those bites i had way back where made by bedbugs.. i thought it was bites from ants :( anyway. thanks for the write.up. i guess i need to have a general cleaning in my room.

  2. two
    Comment by bed bugs extermination nyc: Jun 5, 2012 at 4:52 AM

    What is the safest and most effective way to eliminate bedbugs?

  3. three
    Comment by John Howell: Jun 9, 2012 at 8:49 AM

    I would say steam cleaner is the most effective way to eliminate bedbugs. It is much more safer and cleaner to use compare to chemicals.

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