DIY Bamboo Options for Your Patio

DIY Bamboo Options for Your Patio

Summer is here and with it comes a myriad of reasons to try and spend as much time as possible outdoors. With long sunny days and warm nights, it is the perfect time to not only relish the time outdoors in your backyard but also a perfect time to tackle outdoor home improvements on your to-do list and DIY projects for your patio and garden.

As more people move to adopt a more eco-conscious lifestyle, the home and backyard environment is also one of the best places to begin the transition to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. It is easier than ever to purchase green products and materials for home improvement that reduce the carbon footprint of the home substantially. At the heart of this trend in green living is bamboo, which is one of the most environmentally friendly raw materials on the planet. Not only is bamboo sustainable, renewable, extremely durable and anti-fungal but It is also extremely versatile and can be made into everything from clothing to floors.

Using bamboo for your summer patio projects is a great way to adopt a green environment. These bamboo options for your patio are a great, and pretty easy, place to start.

Bamboo Patio Floors

Bamboo is naturally moisture resistant, adaptable, durable and able to withstand harsh elements better than other flooring options. With hardwood trees vanishing by the day, instead of building a new patio out of wood, make your own bamboo patio a fun weekend project for your backyard. The installation of bamboo floors and patios is virtually the same as hardwood flooring and yet is much higher in quality and environmentally friendly.

Bamboo Sheet Sets and Linens

When spun into thread, bamboo can be woven into fabric finer than silk and softer than the most expensive cashmere making it one of the highest quality fabrics available. Because of its softness and naturally breathable and moisture resistant qualities, bamboo fabric made into sheets and linens are becoming a common integration with outdoor furniture and accessories. Blankets and linens, decorative rugs, pillows and bamboo sheets for cushions are all items that can be made from bamboo fabric and added to a backyard patio to give it a more inviting and homey feel.

Bamboo Patio Furniture

Bamboo’s tensile strength, the measurement of its ability to withstand pressure, is stronger than even steal. This coupled with its moisture resistant properties and naturally smooth exterior make bamboo furniture a popular choice for backyards and gardens. Patio chairs and benches that are made from bamboo are extremely comfortable, durable enough to last through harsh weather and constant use, and hold naturally symmetrical patterns and beautiful textures that suit every style and taste.

Bamboo Gardens

There are so many reasons growing your own bamboo garden is a good thing it could take up an entirely new article to list them all. For starters, not only is it green to grow bamboo, it can actually help the environment and assist in reversing global warming and climate change. The reason being, bamboo actually absorbs more carbon monoxide gases and produces up to 35% more oxygen than hardwood. Bamboo is also extremely easy to grow in almost any climate, naturally repels insects, matures quickly and introduces an extreme natural beauty to a patio garden.

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