Creating a Modern and Luxurious Home

Creating a Modern and Luxurious Home

Overhauling your home to give it a fresh and modern look can be a real task; there is so much planning and preparation involved with a large scale remodelling that it can often seem like an endless struggle. Homes these days are filled to the brim with modern luxuries; we have become used to having appliances and machines help with tasks and make our day to day lives a little more enjoyable, so if you are planning to add a new look to your home, you should look to include some of these modern features too.

Each room of the house has great potential when it comes to adding luxurious touches; to better to understand how each room can be improved, let’s break down each room of the house and have a quick look at some of the features you could choose to add!

The Bedroom

The bedroom is a fantastic place to relax at the end of a long day; it is the ideal place to unwind before sleeping so should provide the most luxury in terms of comfort. If you have the budget and the means to do so, replace your bed with a newer model; the new ranges of memory foam matrasses can make a huge difference to how well you sleep. Treat yourself to some stylish new bed linen to add a great looking finishing touch to your new bed!

Adding small features such as scented candles to your bedroom can also help to make a huge difference to the feel of the room, without breaking the bank. The relaxing smell and glow can help even the most agitated of people to unwind after a long day.

The Bathroom

The bathroom provides each member of the household with a place to relax and unwind, but this experience can be ruined completely if the room appears unclean, cluttered or cold. To create a bathroom with a warmer and more inviting appearance, consider replacing old bathtubs or shower enclosures which have become old and discoloured. This will give a fresh, clean feel to the room.

True luxury can be added to the bathroom with modern fixtures such as therapeutic steam cabins and whirlpool jet bathtubs; these pieces can not only help inhabitants to relax but also add a real sense of quality and class to your home. Furnish the area with candles, a potted plant and well matched bathroom towels which adhere to the bathrooms colour scheme add create the perfect finished product.

The Kitchen

The kitchen can become a wonderful place of convenience if the right appliances are added in the right places! Modern kettles, toasters, coffee makers and alike can be bought as part of a matching set, which can be great when trying to create a colour scheme or accessorise consistently.

Stylish features such as designer kitchen taps can add something ‘different’ to your kitchen, furthermore reinforcing the modern look that you have created in your kitchen. Modern cabinet and cupboard units can in a range of vibrant colours and if planned and executed properly, this can add masses of style to your home.

The Living Room

The living room should be the centre of your efforts if you are planning a complete home remodelling; this room usually serves and the main congregation point in most houses and provides you and your family with a communal area to relax and chat.

Here we can add a number of modern luxuries which will provide ample comfort and entertainment for family and friends, such as a comfortable three piece suite. Having a comfortable sofa and enough cushy seating for everyone is vital when planning to live with or entertain multiple people, so consider the seating you have, the quality of and whether it can seat a sufficient number of guests. Modern home entertainments systems include large HD or 3D TVs; providing high quality visual films and visuals for everyone to enjoy; modern games consoles add to this experience by providing exciting games to every kind of gamer.

Be sure to add some relaxing items too; candles can be great in the living room too if enjoyed in the evening and reclining chairs are luxurious and satisfying when looking to enjoy a good movie. The living room is full of potential when looking to create modern style and luxury simultaneously.


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    Comment by Pat@gaithersburg air conditioning: Mar 27, 2012 at 1:36 PM

    Great post! I think a therapeutic steam cabin sounds just perfect for my bathroom! If you are upgrading your home, you should also think about alternative energy. Green is a big trend right now and it can be pretty cost effective :)

  2. two
    Comment by Peggy @ home builder washington: Apr 23, 2012 at 9:13 AM

    These sure are great ideas to make the home more luxurious and great to live in. Are there ways to create a modern and luxurious home in a thrifty way?

  3. three
    Comment by Jay Mari@design your room: Jun 13, 2012 at 5:10 AM

    There are some ways to have a luxurious home without spending too much money in having one.

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