Choosing the Right Exterior Color Paint for Your House

Choosing the Right Exterior Color Paint for Your House

Your house is ready and looking beautiful when you look at the interiors but the exterior is still to be painted. You have racked your brains and have looked for the right color but the numerous shades confuse you. Well, this is nothing new. All homeowners go through this phase. When you are painting the exterior of your house, you must consider a few things –

Three colored – Divide the exterior of the house into three parts –

  1. Trim – The corner boards are known as trim. They give the right look to the house and give life to the color scheme. Your choice of trim color gives the exterior the right look. For example, if you choose a dark trim, your house will look like a wall picture or if your paint it the same color as the field, it will look unfinished. So, what should you do? Keep the trim color light around the house and the windows and doors too. Yes, that’s the best way to go. Paint other elements such as gutters and others in the same color as the trim.
  2. Field – The portion of the house within the trim is the field. How do you want your house to look? – Bold, warm and inviting or inconspicuous? The color of the field can really change the entire look of the house dramatically. A dark color will give it a strong appearance while light colors add area to the house, making it look big.
  3. Accent – If you are wondering what more is left after the trim and field colors, you have forgotten the accent color. Accent color adds excitement to the house. Where can you put the accent colors? Your answer – where it is instantly noticeable, like the doors and window frames. These colors should ‘pop’ and be eye-catching. Have a mixture of trim and accent color for your window frames to make them interesting.

Paint Scheme And The Style Of The House – The paint scheme of the house should match the style. So, when you are choosing the color, consider the architecture of the house and the neighborhood also. If you have a historical house, keep the original color scheme.

  1. Colonial Homes – These homes had colorful interiors with the exterior inconspicuous. The trim and field colors were the same and second color was introduced only for accent. Since these houses had redbrick chimney, the combination was always tri-colored.
  2. Victorian Houses – These houses were very colorful and at times had more than 5 colors. They, however, did not look ugly or ghastly.
  3. Craftsman Houses – These houses had dark and earthy color schemes. The colors that were mainly used were red, green and brown with various hues of these colors.

When you buy colors, keep a few things in mind such as the shade in sunlight and artificial light. Some colors look brighter after a few days and other look lighter when painted as field colors. Buy a small can and paint it on a wall. Leave it for a few days before you decide the color. Give your house a new look with your choice of colors.

Although pursuing the endeavor of customized homes can be very exciting but proceeding without knowing the intricacies of various elements involved in building a home can lead to costly mistakes. This is why it is important that you research thoroughly at every step before taking such small decisions.

You may even seek help from professionals who excel in making custom-built homes, like Americas Home PL. These builders ensure that your home building experience stays a positive one with minimum stress and within your budget.

Brenda Lyttle is an enthusiastic custom home builder. She loves her job as she helps people frame out their dream homes from their imaginary canvas into reality.

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    Comment by John@Exterior Painter Atlanta: Aug 9, 2012 at 4:26 AM

    Thanks a lot for this excellent article, i would also suggest that you check with your neighbourhood to check if the color you’re going to use is OK with them… Sometimes some neighbourhoods have strict regulations about what color paint to use, it is the case for historical areas for example.

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