Changing Your Door Handles

Changing Your Door Handles

In these hard times, it can sometimes be difficult to justify making dramatic (and expensive) changes to your home. However, there are ways to update your decor without spending a fortune. A great way to do this is to revamp your door handles. They are an often overlooked accessory, viewed as an essential item and nothing more. But the right door handle can really help shape the look of a room. They aren’t just used for doors, you could find some that fit in with the theme of your kitchen and apply them to your cupboards and drawers. There are lots of options to choose from and here are a few different ideas to inspire you.

There are a number of different materials and finishes that can be used for door handles. For an understated and subtle look, metal door handles are a good place to start. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be used in a modern or a traditional home. A chrome finish is a popular choice for contemporary homes; it adds a sleek and sophisticated touch and is also fairly low maintenance. However, a more traditional setting may require something a little different, such as a brass handle. There is a little more maintenance required with brass; however the overall look that’s achieved is stunning. If you wanted to go really traditional, you could go for a pewter door handle which would look great against a wooden door. Door handles with a gold finish would also work in a traditional setting, and add a touch of opulence to a room.

You don’t necessarily have to buy your door handles brand new either. Flea markets and antique shops are a great place to get ideas and inspirations for door handles. Antique metal handles would look great in older properties such as cottages, or could even be used to add a twist to a contemporary home. However if you’re reluctant to buy second hand, many suppliers do replica antique styles that you can purchase instead.

However, metal is not the only material that can be used. Porcelain door handles are great if you want something that gives a softer look to a home, and is a great choice for use on cupboards and cabinets. Depending on the doors you have, porcelain handles can either blend in seamlessly or be statement pieces. If you want a unique look, other materials such as glass and even gem stones such as quartz and amethyst can be used to give your doors a unique finish. However, more maintenance will be needed with these types of handles, so may not be the best if you have got a busy household.

The types of doors you have in your home will make all the difference to the decision you make. Metal handles do go hand in hand with wooden doors, but if you want to mix things up you could try matching different materials together. But thinking about the different directions you can go with in terms of handles can help satisfy your desire for home improvement, without breaking the bank on costly renovations!

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