Bathroom Renovations: Playing with colors

Bathroom Renovations: Playing with colors

White is the most preferred color when it comes to bathroom renovations. Certainly, it is good choice to create a clean fresh ambiance in bathing area, but there is much to be considered about other colors. Look at around and you will find plenty of colors that can turn your centuries old bath a pleasant place. Most people consider wall paint and curtains to work on colors, however there are other features too with which you can be experimental. If you are scared of playing with colors while bathroom renovation, refer the given below tips which also states the areas where you can show your creative skills.

Metal fixtures
Usually, bath fixtures come in metallic and are available both in high gloss and matte finish. High gloss metal fixture can make a space filled with brightness and is a good choice for dark and small space. Matte finish on the other hand tends to absorb light and make a room appear more saturated with color.

Wall tiles/wall paint
Commonly, neutral palettes fall under classic and warm category. They work naturally with the abundance of white that is mostly a part of common bathrooms. Choosing soft and deep color will create an intimate sense. Monochromatic schemes or nature-inspired colors (shades of sea, earth, or sky) on the other hand are a good way to evoke tranquility. Similarly, for energetic ambiance vibrant colors will do well. These schemes are applicable for both tiles and wall paint. So the choice of colors depends on what atmosphere you want to create.

Your bathroom need not necessarily have to be of one color. Think innovative and you will find a pretty long list of colors that can be combined and match together to create a smart and dramatic look. Usually, similar hues blend together well, but contract colors also do well when it comes to achieve unique and catchy interior. One such combination is dark color with white. This combination is applicable on fixtures, wall paint as well as on curtains. The best dark colors you can use with white are black, chocolate, deep purple, navy blue, burgundy, hunter green, crimson and terracotta.

Right lighting can fix most of your problems related with brightness. The purpose of lights is not just to illuminate the place at night, but is also to balance the natural lighting system that is not sufficient for the place. Look at the ventilators and windows that are prime sources of natural light. If they are unable to provide required light you need to install appropriate set of bulbs and fittings. Use fixture that will highlight the base color of your bath. You don’t necessarily need to install white bulbs and tubes color bulbs can be also installed. For decoration, install a string of colorful small bulbs near mirror or above wash bowl.

Colors can make you feel soothing or awaken. So, while it is important to think out of the box, you need to be careful. If it seems a risky chore for you, there are many sources you can find for quick assistance. You can check out ideas in internet and magazines. Many wall paint companies offer a guide book for bathroom renovations kitchen renovations to help you with ideas of using and combining shades they offer. If nothing works out, the ultimate option you have is hiring an interior decorator. With unique combinations of vibrant hues and subtle tints you will surely experience the ambiance in your bathroom that you will never get tired of.

Author Bio: Master Renovators are well recognized for creative bathroom renovations and stylish kitchen designs & renovations in Melbourne.

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