Ask any Expert: It Doesn’t Get any Stronger than a Metal Roof

Ask any Expert: It Doesn’t Get any Stronger than a Metal Roof

For years, asphalt has definitely been leading the game when it comes to residential roofing options. It’s readily available and it’s cost is relatively low compared to other roofing products. However , when you factor in that asphalt has a horrible shelf life, it doesn’t add up to be a very good deal after all! I mean, who wants to replace their roof after a measly 10-15 years? Not me!

The fact of the matter is that replacing the roof of a home is one of the most expensive residential improvement projects. However, the cost to repair the home if the roof is not replaced will be much more expensive. If you want to replace your roof every 10-15 years then an asphalt roof is for you. Don’t want one that has issues every time it storms and needs to be replaced after a measly 10-15 years, then you need to consider investing in a metal roof.

Metal is picking up steam as a “go to” option for roofing because it is so incredibly durable. It holds up to any weather condition and will most likely be the last roof you’ll ever need. The major problem with asphalt is that anytime there is severe weather including high winds, you will have damaged shingles. Many times they will blow off.

Other materials like copper, aluminum, zinc, and stainless steel are used in metal roofs. Resistance to hail, wind, flame sparks, and fire makes metal a preferred alternative. Think about it, with metal, you will never have to worry about your roof when it storms. Bottom line, metal stands the test of time. If you truly are done worrying about your flimsy roof every time it storms than it’s time to invest in the best roofing option for durability. Ask any expert, it doesn’t get any stronger than a metal roof!

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