How to Make Your Bedroom Your Own

How to Make Your Bedroom Your Own

Whether you’re eight or eighty odds are you spend around eight hours a night in your bedroom. It is a simple fact of life that you’ll be spending a good portion of your life in your bedroom, for one reason or another. Because of this, the appearance of your bedroom speaks to your character, by virtue of being the room you spend the majority of your time in. And, since it says so much about you, you may as well make the room your own, and make it say what you want. Here are some tips and ideas on spicing up your room to make it personalized and unique.

The Process:

Make a Plan

Transforming and personalizing a room isn’t, sadly enough, an overnight process. Start out with planning and preparation, because this is going to be a project. Don’t see it as a chore, but rather an ongoing adventure. I strongly suggest planning the project in phases so that it doesn’t always feel as if your bedroom is incomplete, so that you can keep your bedroom comfortable and livable.


Determine Where You’re At

This is important throughout all phases of Operation: Bedroom (or whatever designation you’d prefer). When you first start, you need to determine what you have, and where you want to be. As the operation continues to be ongoing, you’ll need to continually assess where you are, what the next step is, and each the phase is over.

A good idea is to determine just how much you want to change. Maybe your room already suits you wonderfully, but you wouldn’t mind adding just a touch more flair. Or, conversely, maybe you’ve decided to go for the full monty, and it’s time to redo the floors, furniture, walls, and bed. Either way it’s important to be honest with yourself, and where you are at.


Make a Theme

Although not absolutely necessary I highly suggest creating a theme for your redecoration. This can be as mild as contemporary or western, or as exciting as your favorite movie or an exotic location. Either way it really helps guide the process, which is extremely important. This way, your room will have a more organized and put together look, rather than helter-skelter.


Follow Through

Plans always are, and always will be, subjected to change. Especially something as large as the redecoration of an entire room, complete with phases. Try and have as much follow through as you can, as you will typically be happier with the overall result. But allow for the plan to naturally adapt and change, as is only reasonable.



Although there’s many different ways to change your room, here are the things to concentrate on that will make the greatest difference.

Change the Walls

A fresh coat of paint in a new color can go a long way to making a room your own. Or, if you’re ambitious enough, new and exciting wallpaper really customizes your room and adds a whole new flair of personality. This will truly go a long way in your reclamation of your bedroom, and reassertion of your personality.

Don’t forget wall hangings. Whether they’re posters, your favorite landscape, or beautiful drapes, wall hangings add a lot of coziness to bedrooms. They make the space feel smaller and more personal, and are standout details. And, as everyone knows, the devil is in the details.


Whether you’re out to replace it all or just move it around, furniture plays a big role in the personality of your bedroom. New furniture is great and will go a long way, but even if you just switch out furniture from other rooms or reorganize it can sometimes have all the impact you need.


This is something often overlooked by amateur remodelers. It isn’t the most obvious step, but it can have a very real impact. If you’re aiming for light and airy, a bright naturally colored light really opens up a room. If you’re looking for small and comfortable, a nice ambient light will add a soft, relaxing glow to the room. If you want to display lots of artwork, feature lighting might be just the way to go.


Depending upon the current conditions of your floors, it’s entirely possible you won’t have to do much here. Unless you’re unlucky, all you need could be a good throw rug, which will add a little warmth and personalization.

Your Bed

This is maybe the most important part of making your room your own! Even if the rest of the room doesn’t get much help, and you still feel it doesn’t quite match your personality, you’ll be surprised how far a good bed can go. You have to be happy and comfortable with the bed you have. Get yourself an amazingly comfortable bed, a gorgeous comforter, and plenty of pillows and you’ll suddenly be 100% happier with your room. Don’t forget to match it to the theme of your room!

So, what does your bedroom say about you? Are you happy, or do you think you could use some improvement too? Any other ideas I missed?


Author Bio: Chris Garrett is an online publisher for the large format printing and custom wallpaper expert, and blogs on the topics of design and printing.

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